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  1. Gingham Fabric: A Key Player in Dressmaking

    Gingham Fabric: A Key Player in Dressmaking
    Intro When it comes to dressmaking, the selection of fabric is a critical component in creating a finished product that is both stylish and comfortable. Among the many options available, Gingham Fabric has become a favourite of many dressmakers worldwide. Its simplicity, versatility and timeless appeal have propelled it to become a key player in dressmaking. Here at Calico Laine...
  2. Gingham Fabrics - Country Fashion

    So this weekend I have been staying with family in London and attending one of my favourite events of the year, the Country 2 Country festival. Since 2013, the O2 arena has housed the biggest country music festival in the UK which has grown in size each year and this year has been increased from just the Saturday and Sunday...
  3. Gingham Fabrics

    Here at Calico Laine we stock a lovely range of Gingham Fabrics, in many different colours. Gingham is a medium weight fabric which features a a very distinctive check pattern. The way that gingham is woven means that the check pattern is visible on either side of the fabric and because of this it means it is an extremely popular...

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