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  • Crafting ideas for Spring

    The spring is a great time to get Crafting. By now everyone is utterly fed up with the cold weather and dark nights so I always enjoy embarking on some spring projects to cheer myself up. At the moment I'm making bags, firstly I made a very simple but effective beach bag in preparation for our family summer holiday. I realise you can buy beach bags relatively cheaply these days but I have really enjoyed making this, it has a secret compartment for my purse and better still it matches my swim suit! Crafting  with Interfacing If you're looking for new crafting ide… Read More
  • Kid's Crafts for February Half Term

    It doesn't seem too long since we had a break for Christmas but in the next few weeks the kids will be off school again for half term. With the weather turning particularly cold recently, it is inevitable that they are going to have to spend a lot of the holiday indoors. This is the best time for children to explore their creative side with Kid's Crafts. This can be things that have done before or new activities that the whole family can join in with. Use wooden letters for Kid's Crafts Crafting with wooden letters A recent addition to the craft section at Calico… Read More
  • Crafts to take up in the New Year

    When it comes to New Year, people like to make resolutions about giving up things such as drink and unhealthy food. Instead of giving up something this year, I think it would be a great idea to start something new. It is always rewarding having a hobby and Craft projects are a great hobby to begin in the New Year. The umbrella term of Crafts covers a vast number of things including knitting, embroidery and jewellery making. There is plenty to choose from so why not give a few difference ones a go. Why Crafts are a popular pastime  Crafting can be a relaxing hobby… Read More
  • Crafts for Christmas with Calico Laine

    Crafts For Christmas Christmas time is all about family, fun and laughter with lots of special little treats along the way. I love all creative things this time of year especially gift wrapping presents and creating beautiful christmas cards to give to family and friends, its the perfect season to go Crafts crazy! Here at Calico Laine we stock a variety of different Craft pieces that are great for creating stunning festive fun at christmas. Our christmas Crafts include our selection of ribbons, buttons and cards that can all be made up into beautiful creations. Ch… Read More
  • Christmas creations for kids

    It's coming up to the time of year where the kids are spending more and more time indoors - we all know it's far too cold to be playing outside no matter how much you might want them to! So, to keep yours and their sanity, we thought a few simple Christmas creations for the kids to create could be the perfect way of keeping them distracted on the winter days! Amazing Christmas crafts for kids We have such a wide variety of craft items available in all of our stores, that as a top textiles company in Liverpool we are the perfect people to suggest ideas for Christma… Read More
  • Top provider of crafts in Liverpool

    Our range of craft supplies in our stores is growing daily, as we keep on adding a wider selection of options for all of our crafty customers. From cards making supplies to paints and knitting needles, our selection is always expanding, so you won’t ever be missing out on important items.   Get all of your favourite craft supplies with us We have such a wide range of craft supplies in our stores, including tools and supplies that are perfect for accessorizing or changing designs you have created. Our Beading Tools and Glues and Adhesives are the perfect too… Read More
  • Kid's Crafts for Easter

    Now that the clocks have gone forward, we are truly into spring and next week is the beginning of most children's spring break from school which includes the easter bank holiday. The majority of school holidays at this time are over two weeks and this can be a long time to keep the children amused, especially if the weather is a bit dreary. A great way to entertain the kids is to do some easter themed Crafts to encourage their creativity and keep them busy. Colours that are usually associated with springtime and Easter are pastel shades including lilac, lemon, app… Read More
  • Crafts for Children

    The thought of the clocks springing forward this weekend fills me with joy. Spring is on its way. I just love this time of year, the buds on the trees and the daffodils are a sure sign that everything is coming back to life. As well as the promise of warmer days ahead, we can also celebrate Mothers day this weekend. I love mothers day, not only because my children make me breakfast in bed, but also because it gives me a excellent reason to get my stash of Crafts out. In our house we believe that a hand made gift is much more meaningful and personal than anything y… Read More
  • Crafts for Fabrics

    Here at Calico Laine we have a large collection of different Craft items suitable for a variety of different projects. Some of our Crafts include card making, cross stitching kits and knitting accessories which are all suitable for a wide range of different projects and also can be used by all ages from small children to the older generation. Neon Pink Fabric Spray Paint We have recently just got in some brand new gutermann fabric spray paints that are now part of our Craft collection which can be seen in both stores and online under the paints section. Our range… Read More
  • Crafts for Easter

    Easter is the perfect time of year for inspiring your children to take up the rewarding hobby of crafting. This time of year presents the perfect opportunity for Craft projects and is the perfect way of keeping your little ones entertained over the upcoming Easter holidays. There are many Craft projects to inspire at this lovely time of year such as creating an Easter bonnet, or for a more simple task for the beginner crafter try creating your own handmade greetings cards. Easter bonnets are the perfect traditional Craft project and are ideal for inspiring your ch… Read More

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