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  • Three Spookily Easy Last Minute Halloween Crafts

    Halloween is now less than a week away, but don't fear here at Calico Laine we've got you covered with three spookily easy last minute halloween crafts to get you in the spirit. Mini Felt Pumpkins Felt Pumpkins, Halloween Crafts You Will Need Orange Felt Green Felt Brown Felt Brown Cotton Thread Brown Embroidery Thread Step By Step Cut a 20cm circle out of your orange felt for the body of your pumpkin. Cut a 5cm circle out of your orange and green felt for the base and top of your pumpkin. Cut a 4x8 rectangle out of your brown felt to cut out the stem of your… Read More
  • The Great British Sewing Bee #1 - THAT Jumpsuit!

    The Great British Sewing Bee is finally back! Our team here at Calico Laine have been clearing their Tuesday nights in preparation for the excitement to begin.The sewing bug is gripping the nation and we cannot get enough! The Wiggle Dress The contestants were thrown in straight away with the first challenge; the classic wiggle dress. This iconic dress curves over the hip and tapers down towards the knee, resulting in a flattering pencil skirt design. This fitted style gives a distinct 'wiggle' when walking, reflecting it's nickname. We can thank Christian Dior's … Read More
  • How to fill a sewing box

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but I have sat down to sew so many times and realised too late that I am missing something crucial in my sewing box for that project. I then thought it would be a good idea to have a checklist in my sewing box so i know when I have ran out of something I can buy haberdashery before I actually need it. This is my top 10 checklist; 1. Scissors (large) My personal favourite are the 25cm Fiskars Dressmaking Scissors. They are so sharp and accurate, it's why they are our chosen scissors here at Calico Laine headquarters… Read More
  • Sewing Essentials at Calico Laine

    When completing a sewing project you need a variety of items that will help you along the way whether they are threads to stitch with, needles for your machine or buttons to add that finishing touch to your creative piece. Here at Fabric-World we make sure you can find all the Sewing Essentials you will need in our sewing section shown online. Within this section you can find a wide range of sewing accessories, dressmaking products and many more items that will help you complete your project. There will always be that one item you have forgotten about to finish yo… Read More
  • Sewing supplies and knitting accessories

    Quality sewing machine needles, hand sewing needles and more Whatever fabrics, sewing supplies and knitting accessories you require, Calico Laine is here for you. Our tagline is 'the really useful textiles company' and we do our best to live up to it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We provide a round the clock shopping experience on our website, with one of the widest ranges of hand sewing needles you will find anywhere, as well as sewing machine accessories, knitting essentials and more, all available with free UK delivery when you spend over £40.   Every t… Read More
  • Sewing - Essential Accessories

    When completing your dressmaking projects Sewing accessories are the most essential items you need to make your projects go smoothly and quickly. Here at calico laine we have a large Sewing section both online and in store which includes everything you need to complete your tasks. The most popular products our customers tend to purchase include zips, threads and needles. These three items are often included in most garments, accessories and home interior items therefore you need to make sure you choose the correct ones. Bright Coral Dress Zip Within our Sewing se… Read More
  • Sewing - Threads for Dressmaking

    When Sewing your fabric and craft projects it is important that you pick the right tools to work with so that you get end up creating the best quality item that you can. One of the most important haberdashery items needed for any Sewing project is thread and here at Calico Laine we have high quality thread for all your dressmaking needs. Guterman Sewing Threads The two main brands of Sewing thread that we stock for online and local customers are from Gutermann and Coats. These are renowned companies known for their excellent quality and you can be reassured tha… Read More
  • Summer Sewing Essentials at Calico Laine

    Summer is the perfect time of year for stocking up on all of your essential Sewing accessories ready for the upcoming season. We carry a wide range of Sewing accessories which are ideal for all of your dressmaking projects all year round. Whilst creating our selection of essential Sewing items we have taken great care to consider which are the most important items in our own Sewing kits and have put together a fantastic selection of accessories essential for any dressmakers kit from novice hobbyists to professional seamstresses and tailors. Here are details of jus… Read More
  • Sewing your own bunting

    So, we all know in the summer all you want to do is sit outside in your garden sipping on a nice iced beverage enjoying the sun (when we have some). Well right now the sun is shining and there is only one more thing I can think of to make this summer more fun in your garden- bunting! 25mm Hot Pink Cotton Bias Binding Roll The best thing about bunting is it is so easy to make your own as it is made by stringing, typically, colourful triangles, or any shape you desire, really. Sewing your own bunting is done in three quick and easy steps. Step 1, pick the colour, s… Read More
  • Essential Haberdashery Items at Calico Laine

    If you are hoping to take up sewing as a new hobby, or even if you are just looking to replenish your dressmaking supplies, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right Haberdashery items for the job. We are constantly asked by customers for the best brand of scissors, pins and other essential items, so in today's blog, we have put together a list of Haberdashery products that we think are definitely required by anyone who likes to sew, from novice to veteran. Everything that we recommend is available both in-store and online, so wherever … Read More

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