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Linen Fabric

  • Linen Fabric

    So even though the Winter is coming and Summer appears to have slipped through our fingers once more, Linen Fabric would seem an odd material to buy as we enter the Autumn. However, some of you, like me, may be thinking ahead for next summer. Its so nice to have a summer holiday to look forward to. Some of you might even be lucky enough to have some winter sun scheduled in. Linen Fabric is timeless, it never seems to go out of fashion. If you look into the history of Linen Fabric you will see that it goes back many thousands of years. Pieces of it have actually be… Read More
  • Linen Fabric at Calico Laine

    Blades Linen Fabric With the weather getting colder and more wet going into the end of September you may not automatically think of buying Linen Fabric for your dressmaking as this is more of a summer fabric. Some of you however may be going away on holiday to get some much needed winter sun and this material is ideal for making dresses, skirts and even trousers for holidays. We stock our most popular blades linen all year round at Calico Laine so even though it may be autumn in the UK you can still be creating summer style outfits. Blades Linen Fabric is a high … Read More
  • Linen Fabric

    Linen Fabric is one of the most popular products in our dressmaking collection. Most popular during the warmer months of summer, Linen Fabric is renowned for it's coolness and is utilised during higher temperatures to keep the wearer cool and fresh. Ideal for creating lightweight clothing and undergarments, Linen Fabric is still as popular as ever during the winter as it is the ideal fabric for layering. Items created from Linen Fabric can be worn alongside items crafted from heavier fabrics to keep the wearer warm but not too hot. Blades aurora is one of our mos… Read More

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