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  • How to use ribbons - Craft, glitter or Christmas

    Ribbons are an under rated piece of material in our eyes, and aren't given nearly as much attention as they deserve. With so many different ways that you can use ribbons in a variety of hobbies, they're useful to have around and very pretty to look at. So, with all of this in mind, we thought we'd show ribbons some love and write a post on how to use ribbons. Craft ribbons Craft ribbons are amazing tools that you can use in so many different hobbies. With a great selection of craft ribbons available on our site, you can use them for anything from decorative bakin… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabric for New Year's Eve

    In the last few weeks, many of our customers and ourselves have been enjoying Christmas nights out. It is the time of year when everyone likes to dress up and wear something special; many choosing to wear something with a bit of sparkle. When customers make their own outfits for the party season, they tend to buy Dressmaking Fabric in advance. This gives them time to make their garment without panicking and rushing; allowing them to make a quality item. Dressmaking Fabric for New Year's celebrations It is not only Christmas parties where people like to use Dressm… Read More
  • Top provider of crafts in Liverpool

    Our range of craft supplies in our stores is growing daily, as we keep on adding a wider selection of options for all of our crafty customers. From cards making supplies to paints and knitting needles, our selection is always expanding, so you won’t ever be missing out on important items.   Get all of your favourite craft supplies with us We have such a wide range of craft supplies in our stores, including tools and supplies that are perfect for accessorizing or changing designs you have created. Our Beading Tools and Glues and Adhesives are the perfect too… Read More
  • How To: Make a Christmas Apron

    As we draw towards the end of the year, we at Calico Laine are serving a steadily increasing number of customers who are on the hunt for Christmas fabrics to create personalised gifts for friends and family. While you don't have to limit yourself to fabrics that have festive themes, items such as aprons are a popular choice for handmade presents to give to loved ones - or even just as a garment for yourself to wear to protect your outfit while cooking dinner on the big day! In today's blog, I'll be walking you through the steps to create your very own apron. You w… Read More
  • Winter Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Today marks the first day of October, and here at Calico Laine we are stocking up on our winter Fabrics to see us through the cold months remaining this year. From flannels and wools to jerseys and tartans, it is incredibly important to stay wrapped up warm when the chilly weather hits, and in both of our stores as well as online through our website, we have already had plenty of customers come and visit us in their search for that perfect winter Fabric to use in their dressmaking projects over the next few months. In the last few weeks, we have added lots of new … Read More
  • Buy Zips at Calico Laine

    When it comes to any sewing project, there is always a need for at least one haberdashery product to help you with what you are creating. Fasteners are always a popular choice for our customers and one of the most frequent reasons for people to visit us both online and in our two stores is to Buy Zips from us here at Calico Laine. With so much choice, though, it can be a little confusing in working out what kind of zip you need for your project - fortunately, our friendly sales team is on hand to help! There are a few things that we recommend already having in min… Read More
  • Satin Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine, we stock many different kinds of fabrics and one of our best sellers is undoubtedly our huge range of Satin Fabrics. These gorgeous cloths are favoured for their shiny, lustrous finishes and are sought after for all sorts of reasons, including bridal wear, bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses and much more. To offer a little history on the origin of Satin Fabrics, the material received its name from the Chinese city of Quanzhou - whose name translated to 'Zayton' in medival Arabic and was the first town where Satin was imported. Today, there are ma… Read More
  • Buying Fabric Online with Calico Laine

    In this day and age, we sometimes forget how easy and convenient technology has made our lives - for example, as well as shopping with us in person at both of our stores here at Calico Laine, you can also Buy Fabrics Online from us through our website. This service has enabled us to help customers from all over the world who have been searching for that perfect fabric to complete their sewing project, yet may not be fortunate enough to live within reasonable distance of a fabric store that they can visit in person. At Calico Laine, we like to be fair to our custom… Read More
  • Towelling Fabric at Calico Laine

    When searching for fabrics either in stores or online, Towelling Fabric is not usually the first thing that comes to mind for most people - and yet it is a material that we use constantly whether we are aware of it or not. Towels are used commonly around everyone's home for a myriad of different uses; from tea towels in the kitchen to bath towels and face cloths in the bathroom, it is definitely a material that a lot of people use in their day to day life without even thinking about it. At Calico Laine, our Towelling Fabrics are incredibly soft and durable, meanin… Read More
  • Your One Stop Fabric Shop - Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine, we aim to be the best in the fabric business - that is why we as a Fabric Shop endeavour to make your shopping experience with us as easy as possible. We know that your sewing and craft projects are something that you put a lot of time and effort into, and our staff at both of our stores (based in Neston and Wallasey in the North West of the United Kingdom) are always happy to help you find that perfect fabric, trim or haberdashery item that you have been looking for. Beginning as a market stall in 1973, Calico Laine was started by David and … Read More

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