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  • Create beautiful dresses with our dressmaking fabric

    There's nothing more satisfying than creating a brand new dress for your or your family or friends. Dressmaking is an amazing craft to take up that is not only fun but can also be really beneficial when you see how great it is to make your own dresses. This is why we make sure we always provide the best dress fabrics in our store. Make sure you choose the right dressmaking fabric When you make your brand new dress, there is nothing better than finding amazing dressmaking fabric to use. With this in mind, we always make sure that we have top quality fabrics in our … Read More
  • How to use ribbons - Craft, glitter or Christmas

    Ribbons are an under rated piece of material in our eyes, and aren't given nearly as much attention as they deserve. With so many different ways that you can use ribbons in a variety of hobbies, they're useful to have around and very pretty to look at. So, with all of this in mind, we thought we'd show ribbons some love and write a post on how to use ribbons. Craft ribbons Craft ribbons are amazing tools that you can use in so many different hobbies. With a great selection of craft ribbons available on our site, you can use them for anything from decorative bakin… Read More
  • Christmas creations for kids

    It's coming up to the time of year where the kids are spending more and more time indoors - we all know it's far too cold to be playing outside no matter how much you might want them to! So, to keep yours and their sanity, we thought a few simple Christmas creations for the kids to create could be the perfect way of keeping them distracted on the winter days! Amazing Christmas crafts for kids We have such a wide variety of craft items available in all of our stores, that as a top textiles company in Liverpool we are the perfect people to suggest ideas for Christma… Read More
  • Our Christmas Extravaganza 2017

    Our Christmas Extravaganza 2017 This Thursday 16th November we had our annual Christmas Extravaganza in our Neston fabric store! Every year we invite our customers to join us for a day of festive fun, where we introduce them to our Christmas fabrics as well as a whole load of activities that helped anyone struggling for Christmas ideas.     Our favourite yearly Christmas event! Whenever we hold the extravaganza, we always promise a day and evening filled with plenty of in-store Christmas offers, as well as the chance to treat yourself to mulled wine and… Read More
  • UK Craft Supplier

    Calico Laine is a small family business based on the Wirral, but is widely known across the whole of the UK and EU. We sell lots of different craft supplies, such as, wool and knitting needles, bag making, card making and wedding products. Our main speciality, however, is dressmaking. Both in-store and online we have a huge array of different fabrics that can be used to make lots of different types of garments! We have been established now for over 40 years and we have spent that time creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all of our customers. Countles… Read More
  • Uk Craft Supplier - Calico Laine

    Ever since Calico Laine began, 10th February 1973, we have been offering an incredible range of the finest and most attractive fabrics you can imagine and we have also been supplying you with haberdashery items of the highest quality. All of which is supported by our experienced team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who are constantly on hand to present answers to even the simplest of questions. If you are about to begin a project or half way through one, our staff are here to help with the recognition of which products will help you the most with completin… Read More

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