[caption id="attachment_9788" align="alignleft" width="300"]Fuchsia Linen Blades Linen Fabric[/caption] With the weather getting colder and more wet going into the end of September you may not automatically think of buying Linen Fabric for your dressmaking as this is more of a summer fabric. Some of you however may be going away on holiday to get some much needed winter sun and this material is ideal for making dresses, skirts and even trousers for holidays. We stock our most popular blades linen all year round at Calico Laine so even though it may be autumn in the UK you can still be creating summer style outfits. Blades Linen Fabric is a high quality, super soft material that is comfortable to wear. If you are going away somewhere hot for the Christmas holidays or maybe on a Caribbean cruise in the New Year you could create your outfit from our blades linen as due to its fibre content of 55% linen and 45% cotton it will keep you cool and will be lovely to wear in the warmer weather. It is also easy to clean as it is fully machine washable which is ideal when you are on holiday or even when you come home and have a mountain of holiday clothes washing to do. Due to the mixture of both cotton and linen fibres in the composition of our blades Linen Fabric, it will not crease as much as a material that is made from 100% linen. This makes it better to pack in your suitcase as you will not arrive with a dress that is overly creased and instead it may just need a light press with an iron. Our Linen Fabric comes in a variety of colours with some of them being particularly bright, strong colours which are always popular to make summer dresses and skirts.