Summer is the perfect time to update your home interiors and many customers who are sprucing up their homes ready for the warmer weather will choose to Buy Net Curtains. When customers opt to Buy Net Curtains during the warmer summer months, they often look towards our range of enhanced living window nets: endorsed by TV personality Dr. Hilary Jones these window nets are specifically designed to trap pollen and dust before it makes its way into your living space using the specially designed filtration systems. When you choose to Buy Net Curtains with this special feature, you can really make a big difference to the health of your family members who may be struggling with hay fever and asthma. These unique Net Curtains work by trapping dust particles before they have an adverse affect on anybody suffering from ill health or allergies and it is believed that they manage to trap a huge 56% of dust and pollen.

Many customers in charge of establishments such as residential homes and hotels will choose the run up to the busy summer season as the perfect time to update their establishments bedrooms ready for the influx of high season guests. When you Buy Net Curtains from calico laine, you can ensure that your guests will enjoy the additional element of privacy these window coverings provide and as Net Curtains are excellent at blocking out light pollution you can ensure that your guests will make the most of their stay with a comfortable and restful nights sleep. When tackling large projects such as this it is a good idea to Buy Net Curtains in bulk to save on cost, we also carry flame retardant Net Curtains which are certifiers as meeting FR regulations: BS No.5867 Part 2 A B C so you can be sure that you are meeting the required health and safety standard.

When shopping online or in store at calico laine you can Buy Net Curtains in a selection of attractive design options either by the roll or by the metre.