If you are looking to redecorate around your home, you might be looking for cheap and effective ways of doing so if you are trying to stick to a budget. Sometimes money is not the only problem - perhaps you are trying to save time and avoiding searching around for the best soft furnishings and curtains, whether you make them from scratch yourself or not. At Calico Laine, we always recommend that our customers Buy Net Curtains for their windows - these cost-effective nets are available from us at great prices and in many different designs, guaranteed to suit every individual's taste and already established interior decorating. Even with the low prices we sell them at, this does not mean we compromise on quality - we strive to provide only the very best products to our customers and help them save a few pounds at the same time.

At Calico Laine, we have have customers Buy Net Curtains and jardinieres for many years. They are a great way of providing yourself, your family and your home with a little more privacy whilst still letting you see the outside world and allowing light to enter. We also sell a wide variety of accessories that you might need for your nets, including net wire and rods in several different lengths.

All of our nets and jardineres are available in several different drops, so after you have worked out the dimensions of your window you can go ahead and Buy Net Curtains from us. As a guide, we usually recommend that you buy your nets at twice the width of your window. This allows for a suitable gather and looks great when all hung up and finished.

If you are after nets in large quantities (for example, a bed-and-breakfast establishment or a residential home, or even a hotel), then you can also Buy Net Curtains from us using our bulk buy options. This method is a great way to save money if you are after a big amount of net curtains and provides all of your customers and visitors with the privacy they require and expect.

A selection of our nets now help to stop pollen and dust making its way into your home using specially designed filtration systems. Endorsed by television's Dr Hilary Jones, this inbuilt feature of our nets can really help sufferers of hay fever and asthma by trapping particles before they have an adverse effect on your and your family's health. These net curtains are now known as 'Enhanced Living Nets', and claim to 'trap and filter up to 56% of dust and pollen'.

If you have any queries relating to our net curtains, whether it is how to work out your measurements, prices or what design to choose, we are always happy to help. Please feel free to contact our friendly sales team, either by phone on 0151 336 3939 or by email at sales@calicolaine.co.uk, and we will do our best to help you.