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In this day and age its extremely rare to go even one day without seeing a zip. You might not really think about it but every single day millions and billions of people are walking around sporting at least one zip, it may just be a jacket, bag, trousers or even just on something as simple as a pencil case! Strange to think of, I know, but really, can you remember the last time you saw even one person who wasn't wearing or had an accessory which needed a zip?!

Zips are an essential item which are used by all of us on a daily basis for numerous purposes. I can honestly say that if zips weren't around it would make life so hard, people Buy Zips because they need to keep their bags closed, they then have the option to have their jacket closed up if they feel cold or open if they feel warm, have a zip on their purse or wallet to make sure money can't come out, lets face it, they are little life savers that we don't give enough credit to! Zips can also be used in larger items such as sports bags, tents and sleeping bags.

A lot of dressmakers now tend to Buy Zips, not only to use as a necessary function but to be used as a fashion accessory which has led them to be widely used for decorative purposes. In recent years chunky metal zips have become a big fashion statement and are being added to the back of many skirts, dresses, blouses and tops to purposely contrast with the piece of clothing. I personally love this craze and have many items of clothing with zips showing as a fashion accessory!

If you have made any outfits that you love which sport this fantastically outrageous idea, why not post it to our Facebook page?!