At Calico Laine we pride ourselves on offering high quality products at affordable prices in the world of sewing and dressmaking. One of the largest ranges that we carry on our website is our zips section. Many of our customers find that they struggle to Buy Zips locally especially in places such as Scotland and the Highlands. Our zips, like our fabrics can be used for dressmaking however we do stock a number of zips which would also be suitable for soft furnishing and upholstery.

Buy Zips for dressmaking in the UK

With the majority of our fabric primarily for dressmaking, it is important that we offer customers the best quality zips to use with their dressmaking projects. At Calico Laine you can Buy Zips from trusted and well known brand YKK which are one of the best, if not the best, zip brand on the market. YKK dress zips are available on our website in over 45 colours and in 11 different sizes ranging from 4" to 22". These can be used for shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers and can be sewn into a garment easily using a specialised zipper foot on your machine. If you looking for a smoother finish on your garment you may want to use a concealed zip instead of a regular dress zip. Once sewn in, the only part of the zip that will be visible will be the pull which is also very discreet. Concealed zips can be purchased in 4 different sizes; 8", 9", 16" and 22" and are available in around 20 different colours.

Buy Zips online for jackets and coats

As well as dress zips, we also stock an extensive range of open end zips which can be used for jackets, coats and any other type of garment that requires the two sides to open fully. Our best sellers in this range are our plastic open end and nylon open end zips. Sizes for these zips begin at 10" and go up to a 36" length (larger sizes only in select colours). You can also Buy Zips with nickel teeth and brass teeth to give your garment a metallic look or if you are simply looking for a heavier weight zip.

Open end zips can also be purchased from us in a two way or reversible version. Two way zips open from the top and the bottom and can be opened fully like a jacket zips. Reversible zips can be used in reversible coats as the zipper flips over at the top so it can be used on both sides.