Here at Calico Laine based in Cheshire, we stock a good range of zips for your dressmaking and sewing projects. These include both open end and closed end zips which can be used for a variety of projects. It can be easy to Buy Zips for small dressmaking projects in local haberdashery stores however it is not always as easy to find long zips. At Calico Laine you can Buy Zips Online from our range of long zips; these can be used to complete your large sewing projects.

Buy Zips Online with Calico Laine

If you are need to Buy Zips Online that are a metre in length or longer then continuous zipping is ideal. We have recently extended our range of continuous zipping; adding ten more colours to our selection. These include colours such as purple, orange, red, yellow, bottle and brown. Continuous zipping is a closed end zip; which can be cut to the length you require. You can sew the end to stop the zip pull coming off or it can be finished inside the garment as an alternative. Continuous zipping is £1.25 with the individual zip pulls sold at 25p per pull.

If your project requires a long zip that is also open ended, our tent zips are an excellent choice. Manufactured by YKK, these are useful for sleeping bags, overalls and duvets. Starting at 48", these are great for any project where our standard size zips will not fit. For example, if you need a 40" zip, a 48" zip could be altered and cut down to fit; rather than have a short 36" zip (our largest other open end zip). You can Buy Zips Online in this range in black and fawn in sizes 48", 60", 72" and 120". All of our zips are made to British Standards and are a high quality; meaning that you know that you can rely on them to last.