Now its winter the big jackets and coats are coming out from the wood works and back into our wardrobes to keep us warm. A lot of us like to buy brand new winter coats to keep up with the style but a lot of people also have those trusty winter jackets that they cannot do without. Often when you have had something for a long time parts of it can become damaged such as the buttons, pockets or zips. Here at Fabric-World you can Buy Zips in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes that are perfect for replacing your old zips so you can keep your favourite coat for another cold season.

When replacing a Zip in a heavy weight garment such as a jacket or coat you should make sure you Buy Zips that are strong, with chunky teeth and a heavy material to make sure they are durable enough for your garment. We have a selection of heavy weight zips such as metal open end zips, heavy duty metal zips and heavy duty plastic zips that will all be ideal for replacing your existing zip to keep your jacket in a nice condition. Our metal open end zips are a long lasting fastener ideal to use against leather and wax jackets. They are practical zips featuring attractive metal teeth that are strong enough to be used a lot without breaking or sticking. They are available to purchase in a range of lovely colours to match your jackets and come in lengths from 10 inch to 36 inch. Our heavy duty metal zips are slightly thicker than our regular metal zips but are only available in black and start from a size 14 inch. These zips are a ykk size 8 and are the strongest zip we stock out of our full range. They are great to use alongside most heavy weight garments such as leather jackets, motorcycle wear and workwear items and will last a long time due to their strength and durability. Our heavy duty plastic zips are also one of the strongest zips in our collection and come in black or navy. They are a perfect choice to use for heavy jackets, motorcycle wear and workwear as they can withstand tough conditions and repeated wear. They are available in sizes from 22 inch to 32 inch.

If you are looking to Buy Zips to replace on your trusty winter jacket we would definitely recommend to take a look at the ones we have suggested as they are the perfect options for heavy weight garments. Please feel free to contact one of our sales team to discuss any information you need.