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Christmas Season - Dressmaking Fabrics

If you are like me and already have the festive feeling now that the Christmas season is finally here, then you will understand how hard it is to keep away from the craft or dressmaking table while inspiration hits and the need to make more Christmas gifts hits! Honestly, I see something Christmassy and think 'Ouhh, I could make that'. Seriously, I literally seem to be doing this every day at the moment and working here at Calico Laine doesn't help either because I just pick up what I would need to make it and put it next to the till, wait until the end of the day so I can buy it and take it home!

We have a beautiful Dressmaking Fabric, which i personally love, called red melton which I have seen dotted around the shop for the past year and have never known what I could make with it, but as soon as Tuesday came and we were finally in the Christmas Month it hit me - I could use it to create a magnificent winter coat which would soon become the latest addition to my sisters wardrobe as her Christmas present.

Here at Calico Laine we have so many wonderful Dressmaking Fabric's on offer for you to choose from, whether it is for peoples Christmas presents or preparing for next years summer holiday, it is hard to leave our website or shop without having a basket full! Treat yourself because you can never have enough fabric!