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Dress Fabrics

With the clocks going back and the dark nights now looming in, nothing really feels appealing anymore. It's not like in the summer, getting home, grouping the kids together and finding a little bucket and spade and heading down to the beach for a bit of family fun! We now get home, go straight to the kitchen, flick the kettle switch, sit on the chair and pull our shoes from our feet and replace them with those super fluffy slippers - anything to feel warm and cosy! Then, with a cuppa in hand we decide how to spend our evening.

A lot of us feel a pang of guilt in the summer spending, a day or an evening sewing because it's such a waste of sunshine, light nights and outdoor fun, but at this time of year ladies and gents, this is not the case! Why shouldn't we spend the time, in the comfort of our own homes dress making? I think I can vouch for everyone that loves to sew that we all have a huge stash of Dress Fabrics that we plan to use up at some point.

Well with Christmas only less than two months away, nows the time to start working your way through it! Everyone loves a handmade gift at Christmas, something thoughtful which hold sentimental value to the person its being gifted to - maybe a beautiful table runner for the house hold hosting the Christmas dinner, an apron for the grandparents that make THE BEST roast dinners, or even just bunting for the kids bedroom, using fabric to match the colour scheme. Lets face it, there is so much we can make, so many different Dress Fabrics stored in our homes and so much time now to make it - guilt free of course!

If you have any little bits and bobs you've made from your Dress Fabrics stash, why don't you post them to our Facebook page. Happy Sewing!