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Dress Fabrics - Lace

Lace is one of the most popular Dress Fabrics in our collection, most popular as a bridal fabrics lace rose to prominence back in 1840 when Queen Victoria chose a stunning white, lace trim gown for her wedding to Prince Albert. Since then, lace Dress Fabric has graced the wardrobes of everybody from royal brides to hollywood stars on the red carpet and is a popular fabric for almost any occasion. Lace is one of the most elegant and intricate Dress Fabrics available today and is easily recognised by the distinctive open hold design. Many high end lace Dress Fabrics are crafted by hand and can take many months to produce just one metre of fabric and as a result this fabric is often prohibitively expensive for most people. However, thanks to modern machinery it is also possible to produce this exquisite fabric by machine making it more easily accessible to the mass market.

Lace Dress Fabric is a classically elegant fabric which never goes out of fashion however we have noticed a distinct rise in it's popularity since fashion icons including Kate Middleton and Geri Halliwell have chosen this stunning fabric for many high profile appearances and even for their wedding ceremonies. Many other celebrities have chosen lace dresses for appearances both on an off the red carpet. Lace is a versatile Dress Fabric which can be worn casually for a fashionable daytime boho look or as part of a more structured design for formal occasions.

We carry a wide range of lace Dress Fabrics suitable for creating a variety of beautiful, feminine clothing items. Our heavy corded lace is perhaps the most popular of our lace Bridal Fabrics and works wonderfully when paired alongside other materials including satin to create a delicate and feminine gown. Lace does not have to feature as the main fabric but can be used for adding a point of interest to your gown such as an ornate neckline or hem. All of our lace Dress Fabrics are available to purchase in a wide variety of colour options designed to complement our fantastic range of Dressmaking Fabrics.