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Dressmaking Fabrics For Beginners

Buying Dressmaking Fabrics can be addictive, a lot of people may not understand, but at least it doesn't damage your health! With the new year, new hobbies may have been found, so if you are new to sewing and dressmaking, you may find fabric shops a little puzzling.

When you take up sewing or dressmaking, it's a very good idea to make sure you buy fabric that is easy to sew with and inexpensive. You have to take into account though, that you are not a wizard and you may not be magical at making clothing etc. straight away. Don't be afraid of making a few mistakes  - you're bound to ruin a bit of fabric some time!

However, a few ways to put this unpleasant moment (that will make you want to tear your hair out, throw your machine and give up sewing forever) are to choose Dressmaking Fabrics that will not stretch or slip as you sew. Basically avoid any shiny polyester, knitted fabrics and silky fabrics! Also, I would definitely suggest choosing very small prints or plain colours as fabrics with big patterns like checks and stripes are more difficult to lay out. The final thing I would say is to dodge is to stay away from heavy-weight fabrics, like our denim because they are more difficult to manipulate!

Once you have decided that you think you are ready to start making an item of clothing, you are probably wondering whether to buy your fabric first or your pattern. I would always advise buying the pattern first and then the Dressmaking Fabric. I like to think that if you buy the pattern first you wont waste time and money looking through millions of different fabrics (when only a few are suitable for a specific pattern) and buying incorrect amounts and having either too much or not enough! Also if the pattern is bought first then you can buy all of the small haberdashery items needed to go with it like the buttons, matching thread and zip(s) at the same time.

I would always suggest seeing the fabric you want before buying it, so either go into your local fabric shop - if you are lucky enough to have one, or if you are buying it online, here at Calico Laine, we offer our customers a quick and reliable sample service! Good luck beginners!!