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Dressmaking Fabrics for Lining

When embarking upon a new dressmaking project it is important to choose the correct Dressmaking Fabric for your project to achieve the required finish. If you choose to proceed with a lightweight Dressmaking Fabric you may also wish to consider using a dress lining. A dress lining is a second layer of fabric which ensures that your garment will not be see through when warm and will ensure that the wearer is warm and comfortable during cooler temperatures. Many Dressmaking Fabrics do not require a lining however the designer may choose to use it anyway to achieve a high quality finish and to hid raw seam edges, padding and interfacing and to ensure that the garment is smooth and comfortable when worn against the skin. We carry a wide range of dress linings designed to complement our selection of Dressmaking Fabrics -

Anti-Static Dress Lining - one of the best selling lining fabrics we stock, this high quality dress lining is suitable for use alongside almost any Dressmaking Fabric and is available to purchase in a huge selection of colours. Anti-static dress lining is composed of 100% polyester which is particularly smooth and comfortable to wear against the skin and will prevent your clothing from "riding up" when you move around.

Stretch Dress Lining - this selection of lining is composed of 100% high quality polyester and features a fantastic stretch and range of movement making this the ideal choice for use alongside stretch Dressmaking Fabrics such as lycra jersey and cotton spandex.

cream-gold-jacquard-lining-fabric-c3-crinkled We carry a wide range of linings such as this beautiful woven jacquard lining.

Super Soft Dress Lining - a superior quality lining fabric which is lighter in weight and much softer to the touch than our regular dress lining fabrics. Suitable for use alongside any Dressmaking Fabrics, super soft dress lining is ideal for delicate garments and is composed of 100% polyester.

Jacquard Lining - featuring a stunning woven jacquard print, this is the perfect choice of lining for high end tailored garments such as suits, coats and jackets. This superior quality fabric is available in a variety of beautiful colour choices and is perfect for adding that extra special finishing touch. This lining works wonderfully alongside many of our Dressmaking Fabrics.