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Dressmaking with Fabrics from Calico Laine

Over recent years, consumers have been turning their backs on mass produced high street designs for a number of reasons, particularly due to economic and ethical concerns. As a result, the demand for handmade, bespoke items has seen a steady rise with many customers returning to dressmaking as a much loved and useful pastime. Many customers, old and young alike, are taking up the hobby for the first time.

Upcycling of old clothes is a great way of creating a beautiful garment when working to a budget, whilst designing and sewing your own beautiful items is the perfect way of ensuring your wardrobe is as unique and creative as you are. Here at Calico Laine, we are renowned for our wide selection of stunning, high quality dressmaking fabrics. Whether you are creating a bespoke wedding gown, a floaty summer dress or a classic LBD, our high quality fabrics will ensure that your creation is not only stunning and unique but will last for a lifetime.

Our range of dressmaking fabrics is so vast, you can be sure to find the perfect material for your project. Here are just a few we hope will inspire you to dig out your sewing machine :

Duchess Satin Fabrics at Calico Laine High quality Japanese satin at Calico Laine.

Duchess Satin - for a truly stunning and elegant piece you cannot go wrong with our luxurious Duchess Satin. Beautifully soft to the touch, our 100% Polyester Duchess Satin is the epitome of style and elegance. This heavy, matte satin fabric is ideal for beautiful evening gowns, prom dresses and bridal wear.

Klona Cotton - one of our top selling fabrics, Klona Cotton is regarded as being one of the most versatile dressmaking fabrics. Hard wearing and comfortable, this is the perfect fabric for children's clothing, menswear or any item of clothing which requires a little more structure than a standard cotton fabric.

Chiffon - this is a beautiful, lightweight material is sheer in appearance and is perfect for special occasion wear. This glamorous and elegant fabric is a popular choice for bridal gowns, prom dresses and eveningwear. Chiffon is one of our widest ranges of dressmaking fabric and is an excellent choice for layering and for creating a glamorous layered effect. Chiffon can also be used with other dressmaking fabrics as a sheer overlay.

Cationic Chiffon - also included in our Chiffon collection is Cationic Chiffon, a beautiful two tone, iridescent fabric which looks and feels like real silk. This beautiful fabric is perfect for formal wear and with its beautiful drape, Cationic Chiffon is perfect for layering over other types of dressmaking material.

Georgette - slightly heavier than Chiffon, Georgette is a popular dressmaking fabric due to its wonderful flow and drape. Although heavier than Chiffon, Georgette is still a lightweight fabric which is popular with dressmakers looking to create a look less fly away than that achieved with Chiffon.

Red Corded Lace at Calico Laine Stunning corded lace is perfect for dressmaking with.

Heavy Corded Lace - Lace is a fabric popular with designers who wish to create an elegant,  feminine design and is ideal for stunning evening gowns. Lace is normally used as a layering material and is often used alongside materials such as Satin. With its delicate appearance, Lace is an extremely popular dressmaking fabric and is ideal for creating an array of stunning designs including dresses, skirts and shrugs.

Satin Fabrics - due to its lustrous, elegant appearance, Satin is renowned as being of the most stylish, luxurious dressmaking fabrics available. Due to its never ending popularity, we carry a variety of satin fabrics including Satin Back Crepe - a double sided fabric comprising the elegant shine of satin with a textured back which is extremely comfortable to wear against the skin. Satin Back Crepe is a particularly glamorous fabric favoured for its beautiful drape and is an excellent choice for any dressmaking project. Satin Back Dupion is a versatile dressmaking fabric with one shiny satin side and one matte dupion side. This medium weight dressmaking fabric is ideal for creating lighter weight garments which still require structure such as shift dresses, pencil skirts and tailored jackets.

As always, we love to see what beautiful items you have created with our fabrics so please do upload your pictures to our Facebook page!

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