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Gutermann Threads

When it comes to our range of sewing threads, our Gutermann Threads are definitely the most popular with our customers both in store and online due to the range of colours and designs we have to choose from. Our range of threads include sew-all threads, all cotton threads, sulky cotton 30 threads, sulky rayon threads, hand quilting threads, sulky metallic threads, sulky silver threads and top stitch threads that are all great for different uses within your dressmaking projects. Our most popular out of the range has to be the Gutermann sew all polyester threads as they can be used with a variety of different fabrics and are available in over 100 different shades so you can be sure to match your chosen fabrics perfectly. Sew all threads come on different sized reels from 100m right up to 1000m which are great for larger sewing projects.

Gutermann Sew All Thread Gutermann Sew All Thread

All our other range of Gutermann Threads are ideal to use for certain parts of your dressmaking projects if you are needing a certain thread to sew with. If you are sewing with natural materials such as linen, cotton and calico the best thread to use is the Gutermann all cotton threads as they are made form 100% cotton and can wash and dry extremely well when sewn up. This thread is also available in a variety of shades and comes on reel lengths of 100m up to 400m depending on which size you need. If you need a stronger thread for your dressmaking projects then we would suggest using the Gutermann top stitch thread as this is the strongest out of the range and cannot be broken by hand it has to be cut with scissors. This thread comes on a 30m reel in various colour options and is perfect to use when sewing items such as jeans and bags. Our other Gutermann Threads consist of the hand quilting thread that is ideal for hours of sewing intricate hand quilting projects which is also available in a selection of shades. Our range of sulky threads come in beautiful multi colour, shimmery and metallic colours and designs that are all great to use for all machine embroidery projects.

If you are looking for a quality thread to use for your different sewing projects I would highly recommend looking into the range of Gutermann Threads we have to offer as there is plenty to choose from when it comes to colours, sizes and designs.