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Haberdashery- Bra Accessories

There are a variety of products within our Haberdashery range that many of our existing and new customers don't actually know about or don't think we sell for example our collection of bra accessories that come in a large selection of styles especially for your lingerie. Our bra accessories are made to ensure your underwear garments last as long as possible and fit comfortably to your body type which is what every woman wants when they have spent a lot of money on a good quality piece of underwear. Shrinkage in material, weight gain and pregnancy can be some factors that lead to an uncomfortable fitted bra and us here at calico laine have all the solutions to fixing this problem within our Haberdashery section.

Black Magnetic Bra Extender Black Magnetic Bra Extender

Bra extenders are a great solution for giving your bra back that comfort it needs. Our bra extenders come in a range of different sizes to suit all body types ranging from 19mm up to 75mm in traditional underwear colours of black, beige and white. We also have products that add an additional comfort to your bra such as bra straps that reduce stress on your shoulders caused by tight bra straps digging into your skin. Our bra straps are available in white or invisible straps which are great if you need your straps to be unseen under your garment. We have recently had a range of brand new bra accessories come into stock including the new magnetic bra extenders made by nortexx. They are available in three sizes of 30mm, 38mm and 51mm also in traditional underwear colours of black, beige and white. They are made from a nylon and latex mix that are used for reducing bra tightness caused by fabric shrinkage, weight gain and pregnancy. 

As well as the products mentioned we also stock bust forms, adjustable suspenders and strap retainers that are all good quality bra accessories. Bust forms are soft moulded cups that are used in dressmaking to give shape and contour to garments. They are sewn into clothing such as tops and dresses giving extra comfort and shape to the garment. Suspenders are mainly made for lingerie to hold up socks and stockings keeping your seams in line throughout the day and bra retainers  are designed to stop bra straps slipping down over the shoulder keeping them set in place. As you can see we offer a wide range of bra accessories within our Haberdashery range that all our customers are able to purchase online or in store.