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How to avoid Dressmaking disasters

So the sun is shining, the weather is starting to improve and you're feeling inspired to do a bit of Dressmaking to brighten up your summer wardrobe. The only problem is you have about a dozen half finished projects in your cupboard that you really must complete before starting something new. Am I right? Don't worry, you're not alone, we're all guilty of it because a particular garment has proven to be an unflattering fit or too short or imperfect for some other reason. The item then gets banished to back of the cupboard in the hope that one day we'll muster up the enthusiasm to fix it. This day has never arrived for me. The problem is, non of us are the same size, nobody is perfectly in proportion. When Dressmaking, it can be very difficult sometimes to achieve a flawless fit. Choosing the right style garment with the right fabric and colour for your shape is a huge part of the problem. Let me share some great advice I came across which certainly helped reduce the number of dressmaking disasters I created.

People with fabulous voluptuous curves, try rounded, curved necklines with revers and soft collars and details with curves or gathers. A dolman or fitted sleeve is most flattering with a highlighted waistline, belts are excellent for this. Avoid shiny fabrics which reflect the light and horizontal stripes which are unflattering. When choosing your next Dressmaking fabric go for a matt jersey which will absorb the light or a georgette or microfibre, these will skim past curves giving a flattering fit. Dark colours are most flattering, this doesn't mean just black! Although black is timeless there are some fabulous rich colours out there. Aubergine and bottle green are particularly popular at the moment. My favourite part of Dressmaking is choosing the fabric.

People who are wonderfully straight, try a Dressmaking pattern with a square or angular neckline or with a peak collar for added detail. Notched lapels and square pockets also add detail and shape. When choosing your Dressmaking fabric then go for something with a bit of texture such as a wool mixes, velvet or faux suede. If you're petite then try something more like satin or taffeta. Colour is great for giving the illusion of being bigger or smaller, dark colours are slimming while pale and bright colours are great for making people larger. Bright colours are always great during the summer, they're so cheerful.

Many of us are neither straight or curvy, some of us are apples, other are pear shaped. Having a good knowledge of what suits you though will prevent a great deal of Dressmaking disasters. Butterick and McCall are an excellent brand of Dressmaking patterns, many of their ranges give you petite/tall options as well as different bust sizes. Happy sewing.