In a entry earlier this week on Calico Laine's blog, we gave a quick run-through of How To create a simple fleece blanket that has no sewing required. This is a great gift for anyone, and even if you are just creating one for yourself to keep cosy while we are stuck with miserable, chilly weather, these blankets are incredibly easy to make - and as a bonus, they come together very quickly, meaning you can totally make one in very little time at all. In today's blog, I'll be going through a more detailed version of our earlier, quick tutorial - and if you need an extra gift in time for Christmas, this may be the perfect thing for you!

What You'll Need:
- Two equally sized pieces of fleece (we recommend two different colours to make it reversible)
- A pair of fabric scissors (take a look at our Fiskars range for what our employees use in-store)

And that's it! This blanket really is easy to create for anyone, no matter how much or how little experience they have with crafts and working with fabric. Read on for how to create your new blanket from start to finish.

Step One
Lay your fleece pieces flat, one on top of each other. Neaten up the edges if you need to, and make sure they are of equal size.

Step Two
Take your scissors and begin to cut 2" vertical slits along each edge of the fleece pieces. At the corners, you may find that two of your slits (one from each edge) will meet each other. That is fine - discard the corner pieces.

Step Three
Choose one edge to begin with. Working from one side across to the other, knot together each pair of strips that you have cut (one strip of fabric from one piece of fleece, and the matching strip from the other piece of fleece).

Step Four
Repeat the third step of this tutorial along the remaining three edges. Once you have finished doing so, your fleece blanket is now complete and ready to use!

To personalise these blankets for someone special, try using their favourite colours or adding decorations. This can range from trims and ribbons to felt letters and shapes, although these may require a small amount of sewing knowledge depending on how complicated you wish to make your decorations. The sky is the limit, though, and you can put your own unique touch on these blankets however you choose to do so. We do recommend adding any extras before you knot your fleece pieces together, as it will conceal any sewing or glue in-between the pieces when the whole project is finished.

If you decide to have a go at our tutorial, be sure to upload a photograph of your finished result to our Facebook page - we love to see what our customers can come up with!