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How To: Make your own Drawstring Bag

If you are a fan of handmade gifts, then you might find yourself a little disappointed when it comes to presentation – after spending time and effort putting a lot of love into your creations, it seems a bit of a shame to put them in a shop-bought gift bag or cover them up in wrapping paper. Have you ever thought of making your own container?

In today’s blog, we’ll be talking you through How To make your own drawstring bag which is perfect for presenting your lovingly made creations as gifts. They are also great for those looking to add a handmade touch to their wedding – why not make one in a smaller size and use them as a ring bag or a carrier for confetti?

What You’ll Need

0.5 metres of Fabric (we recommend a cotton)
A cotton reel
A safety pin

Step One
Cut a rectangle of Fabric measuring 35cm x 40cm. From this rectangle, cut two strips of Fabric measuring about 2.5cm x 40cm each.

Step Two
Sew your two strips together at one end to create one strip that measures 2.5cm x 80cm.

Step Three
Fold your strip in half horizontally and sew. You can also fold the edges in for a neat finish.

Step Four
Lay your rectangle flat so that the wrong side of the Fabric is facing you. Fold the top edge of the long side towards you about 4cm, pin and sew.

Step Five
Fold your rectangle in half with the wrong side of the Fabric still facing you, and sew around the edges. Make sure not to sew across the fold that you just made or the tube that you created in Step Four.

Step Six
Turn your bag right side out, then using your safety pin, feed the strip that you made earlier through the tube at the top of your bag. Secure the ends of your strip by either tying them in knots or sewing them together, and your drawstring bag is completed!

If you want to make your drawstring bag a little more interesting or fancy, try using some embellishment – why not sew some beads onto the drawstring or a motif onto the bag itself? As this is a quick and simple project, it might be a fun one to try with your children; add their initials to the bag in appliquéd letters for a personal touch.

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