The summer trends have been and gone and now all the stores are focussing on the trends that winter will bring. A trend that is always popular during the colder seasons is thick winter woollens as they are comfortable and cosy. If you like knitting or perhaps want to take it up as a hobby why not start preparing your winter woollens early. Here at Calico Laine we stock a wide range of Knitting Wool in different shades and styles for you to choose from.

All our Knitting Wool is by the brand Stylecraft which is one of the best known and highly recommended wool brands around now. The Knitting Wools we provide are Aran Wool, Baby Wool, Chunky Wool, Double Knit Wool and Luxury Wool. To make chunky winter woollens I would highly recommend our Stylecraft Chunky Wool which comes in a variety of colours and styles. These Knitting Wools are a lot heavier than the rest of the wools which makes them perfect for winter garments. With this wool you can create items such as sweaters, cardigans, hats and scarves to keep you warm in cold temperatures. The Stylecraft Chunky Wool is very easy to care for and is machine washable.

[caption id="attachment_7276" align="alignleft" width="150"]Aster Special Chunky Aster Special Chunky[/caption]

The Special Chunky 100g Knitting Wool is my favourite from our Stylecraft Chunky Wool range. This Knitting Wool is a chunkier version of the popular Special Double Knit range and is one of our best selling Chunky Wools. It is priced at £1.89 for a 100g ball making it great value for money. I personally like this range as it comes in a variety of bright colours which will make your winter woollens eye-catching as well as cosy.

We also offer Knitting Tools to start creating your winter garments as well as beginner sets for everyone who wants to take up knitting as a hobby. If you want to start preparing your winter woollens early or just to take up knitting as a hobby why not come down to one of our stores to see our fabulous range of Knitting Wool or look online.