Knitting Wool can be used for a large variety of projects not just knitting up garments and other items as a lot of people think. In fact wool is often used for crocheting, crafts and making pom poms which is what I use my Knitting Wool for.

When creating pom poms the first thing you need to is decide on the size you would like to make it. As I make pom poms for knitted hats and they have a certain deign mine are always the same size which is quite large. As there are not many pom pom makers available that are a larger size I cut my maker out of thick cardboard. You can do this by simply drawing around a circular object for the outer part and a smaller round object for the middle and cut it out neatly with care. You will need two circles cut out for one pom pom.

Once the maker has been created you then need to pick the colour of Knitting Wool you would like. I often use stylecraft special chunky wool in various colour options. When selected create small balls out of the yarn that will fit through the centre of the pom pom maker. Depending on the size of the pom you are making depends on how much wool you will need. Once you have your small balls of yarn, one by one start wrapping the wool around the pom pom maker which usually takes two layers to create the perfect thickness of pom. Here is what they should look like once the Knitting Wool has been wrapped around:

[caption id="attachment_3696" align="alignleft" width="300"]Pom Poms Pom Poms[/caption]

When you have completed creating your pom poms you then need a small strand of yarn in the same colour as your pom ready to hand. Then carefully cut through the pom in-between the two sets of cardboard so the wool sticks out and wrap your strand of wool through the middle holding the pom pom together firmly. Once tightened you can remove your pieces of cardboard and your pom pom will be ready to be sewn onto a hat, scarf or for decoration purposes.

If you are wanting to attach your pom pom onto a hat you will need a strong hand sewing needle to do this. Turn your hat inside out and sew the pom pom firmly to the top making sure its secure when the hat is correctly placed. When your pom pom is finally attached to your hat it should look something on the lines of this:

[caption id="attachment_3697" align="alignleft" width="227"]Pom Pom Hat Pom Pom Hat[/caption]

I hope this has helped everyone that struggles when making pom poms out of Knitting Wool or gives people a brand new hobby to try out.