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Linen Fabric

So even though the Winter is coming and Summer appears to have slipped through our fingers once more, Linen Fabric would seem an odd material to buy as we enter the Autumn. However, some of you, like me, may be thinking ahead for next summer. Its so nice to have a summer holiday to look forward to. Some of you might even be lucky enough to have some winter sun scheduled in. Linen Fabric is timeless, it never seems to go out of fashion.

If you look into the history of Linen Fabric you will see that it goes back many thousands of years. Pieces of it have actually been found in Egyptian tombs going as far back as 4000BC when mummies would be laid to rest wrapped up in linen to show their wealthiness.

The Linen Fabric we stock here at Calico Laine are all super soft linen and cotton blend and come in a large variety of colours. This means if you have an idea in mind we should have the right colour for you! It's coolness and the fact it is very easy to clean make Linen Fabric a very popular material for dressmaking. A lot of our customers buy our Blades Linen Fabric, and when asked what they are making, it's normally for dresses, skirts and lightweight trousers for when they go away on their holidays.