Linen Fabric is one of the most popular products in our dressmaking collection. Most popular during the warmer months of summer, Linen Fabric is renowned for it's coolness and is utilised during higher temperatures to keep the wearer cool and fresh. Ideal for creating lightweight clothing and undergarments, Linen Fabric is still as popular as ever during the winter as it is the ideal fabric for layering. Items created from Linen Fabric can be worn alongside items crafted from heavier fabrics to keep the wearer warm but not too hot. [caption id="attachment_9742" align="alignleft" width="300"]auroralinen. Blades aurora is one of our most popular Linen Fabrics all year round.[/caption] Linen Fabric is one of the oldest materials known to man, it's history dating back over many thousands of years. It is believed that the Egyptians would wrap mummies in Linen Fabric as a display of their wealth with this theory being supported by fragments of Linen Fabric that have been found in Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 4000BC. Linen is composed of fibres from the flax plant and derives its moniker from the Latin name of the plant, linum. We carry a wide range of Linen Fabrics including the popular blades collection, renowned for the coolness and easy to clean properties. Linen Fabric is not only a popular choice for clothing but is often used in the creation of fashionable accessories such as bags, cushions and throws. Our selection of excellent quality Linen Fabric is available to purchase in a wide variety of colour options.