Net Curtains are a popular product with our customers here at calico laine with most of our regulars wanting to purchase them weekly for their home interior. We have a variety of different designs available in different drop sizes ranging from 36 inches to 90 inches depending on the size of your window display. Most of our Net Curtains are sold by the metre or full roll sizes of around 25 metres if you are needing a larger amount for your whole home interior. The designs available consist of plain nets and patterned nets with stunning eye-catching patterns such as butterflies, squares and florals.

[caption id="attachment_12788" align="alignleft" width="300"]Butterfly Net Curtains Butterfly Net Curtains[/caption]

Net Curtains are a popular choice as they are ideal for allowing light into your home but still maintaining privacy from the outside world as they are harder to see through. Whilst being a useful product they are also a stylish item in your home making your window display look extra unique with a touch of elegance as there are many designs to jazz up your living space. Net Curtains can be used in any room of your home such as the bathroom, kitchen or living room and are a great alternative to blinds if you are someone who doesn't like the way blinds can look from outside the home. From the styles we have to purchase you can also decorate your home interior around the pattern on the nets giving your room a feminine feel with our butterfly theme nets or a modern look with our texas polka dot theme nets. A lot of our customers tend to prefer our plain Net Curtains with the boarder on the edge as they will go with any interior in your home and you won't have to worry about matching anything up.

We have recently just got a variety of new curtain accessories in to accompany our Net Curtain range with items such as tie back hooks and curtain cleats that will compliment your nets well and give your interior that extra stylish touch. All these accessories are available to purchase in a variety of different shades such as black, brass, nickel, chrome and more so you can choose the one that suits your interior the best. If you are thinking you want a change in your home and are interested in our Net Curtains please take a look online or in our liscard store where we stock all our nets.