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Net Curtains for your holiday home

With the summer holidays well and truly underway, many of our customers will be taking themselves off for a little break whether that be abroad or in the UK. Most will be staying in a hotel, apartment or even camping but some of the lucky ones will be staying in their own holiday home or caravan. Here at Calico Laine we often have customers come to us at the start of the summer season who are wanting to spruce up their holiday home/caravan and many of them look to Net Curtains to do this.

Net Curtains are a cost effective way to revamp your holiday home and can make it look fresh and inviting, great for if you are renting the place out to holidaymakers. They come in a variety of designs ranging from plainer Nets such as Albany and Hudson to heavier patterns such as the Georgia; so whatever style you are aiming for we are sure to have something that will suit. All our Net Curtains come with a slotted headed already sew in which makes them easy to hang and will save the hassle of any sewing. They can be hung using curtain wire, net rods or tension rods depending on what works best for your property. Nets are an excellent way of providing privacy to your holiday home without blocking the light from the sunshine (we only get a little bit of sunshine each year so we definitely do not want to block it out!). They work perfectly in hotter climates as they are much lighter than ready made curtains but do not compromise on style.

When you are measuring up for your Net Curtains it is important to make sure you measure the drop and the width. Nets come in standard drop sizes ranging from 36" up to 90" and this is in every design that we do. When it comes to measuring the width you require, we usually suggest measuring your window and then doubling the measurement to allow for gather as you do not want the fabric to be straight across the window. If you do not want a large amount of gather, you can times the measurement by one and a half instead which will give you a small gather. If you are particularly worried about privacy, for example if you have a caravan and do not want people looking in, you may wish to times your measurement by two and a half.

We are proud to say that our Liscard branch of Calico Laine is the biggest supplier of Net Curtains on the Wirral so if you are looking to change your nets or add nets to your holiday home, we are definitely the place to come to!