In the last week we have finally begun to have some warmer weather which for most is a nice change to our usual chilly weather. For many however the warm weather means the start of hay fever season which can cause many unpleasant symptoms due to the high pollen count. There are many medicines to combat hay fever but one thing you may not think of to prevent hayfever symptoms is changing your Net Curtains.

At the Nottingham Trent university, research has been carried out looking at the use of Net Curtains to help with health problems including asthma and hayfever. Using this research a collection of nets have been designed known as enhanced living nets which are designed to 'trap and filter up to 56% of dust and pollen'. They have been endorsed by the UK's best known TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones who says they 'may help reduce the effect of asthma and hayfever by trapping pollen and other airborne allergens. With these and all other Net Curtains we recommend that you double your window width measurement for the maximum coverage at your window to reduce pollen and dust filtration. For best effectiveness it is also recommended that you replace your nets every 2-3 years.

Net Curtains are a cost effective and easy way to dress your window and now with the added health benefit of filtering dust and pollen into your home there is an extra reason to use nets for your window coverage. With all designs having a slotted top, they can be hung quickly using net rods, tension rods or curtain wire with hooks and eyes. Nets included in the Enhanced Living collection are  those with a heavier pattern which aids with trapping airborne allergens. These are Texas, Squares, Butterfly, Manhattan and Oasis nets.

If you have any queries relating to these Net Curtains please get in touch and we will be happy to help with your questions.