Now that we’re getting into May, the weather is slowly but surely warming up and heading towards the glorious summer full of sunshine. You might think that it is time to stash those winter woollies away for the year until we hit winter again, but what do you wear on those colder days that are just a bit too chilly to go without a coat?

If you aren’t ready to put your knitting needles away just yet, then why not start some springtime Knitting projects to keep your fingers busy? Here at Calico Laine, we stock all different types of Wool for every kind of Knitting project, which includes not only chunky Wools that are better suited to winter time, but Yarn that makes up into a looser knit – perfect for springtime when you need only a little wrapping up.

Colours that are fashionable in the springtime are lighter shades and pastels; we suggest Wool such as our Stylecraft Special Double Knitting or our Life Double Knitting Yarns. These products are popular all year round as they are cosy to wear in the cooler weather, but are still comfortable enough to wear when the sunshine finally decides to show itself. Both of these Wools are available in so many different colours that there is bound to be something to suit you, and if you are after something a little more unusual, there are also some two-tone shades available.

If you are starting off with trying out Knitting for yourself, or even if you are looking to replace or add some more equipment to your Knitting bag, then look no further than our Knitting accessories. We stock a huge range of Knitting needles, cases, stitch counters and holders, as well as a large selection of patterns – everything you could ever want for your projects!

Are you Knitting anything for yourself or anyone else this springtime? What Wools are you using and what are you making? Take a photo or leave a comment on our Facebook page – we love to hear about projects by our customers!