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The Origin of Satin Fabric

Satin Fabric first became popular in the middle ages in China. The cloth is named after the port where it was originated, Zaitum. Satin was considered a luxury item which was used for commercial trading purposes throughout China and the Arab world during the 12th century. The fabric didn't become popular throughout Europe until the 14th century. Satin Fabric was reserved for royalty and rich aristocrats as it showed a sign a wealth and prestige. During the Victorian era, Satin was being used for fine decorative furniture, lampshades and other fashionable interior ornaments as well as clothes.

Moving more toward the modern day, we see Satin Fabric being used much more freely as the cost has dropped considerably and in turn availability has risen. Today we see this fabric being used for a multitude of items ranging from ballet pumps, bed sheets and blouses. There is currently a vast selection of different satins on the market, they vary greatly in weight, style and cost. Here at Calico Laine we offer a superb range and cater for all kinds of projects and budgets.

When Satin fabric first originated in China, it was a heavy cloth formed by weaving silk by hand. Today satin is usually made from polyester which can be manipulated to create a much wider range of materials. For example, we sell a beautiful heavy duchess Satin Fabric, which is one of our best sellers. The matt finish and heavy weight makes it ideal for bridal wear. The white and ivory shades are popular for wedding dresses while the colours are great for bridesmaid dresses. Another popular range is the satin back crepe, this is a reversible cloth which makes it versatile. One side is shiny satin while the other has a crepe finish, this is a very floaty fabric which hangs beautifully. The satin back crepe fabric is also ideal for bridal wear as well as evening dress, prom dresses, light weight jackets, boleros or blouses.

Here at Calico Laine we try to offer something for everyone regardless of your project or budget. The economy satin is very popular, it is excellent value and the colour range is great. This Satin Fabric is light weight with a shiny appearance. The economy satin is perfect for fancy dress costumes, cheap table covering or venue decorations. As you can see, satin fabric has developed and changed a great deal over the years. It was once a high end material whereas now its much more accessible with different types and styles easily available in fabulous colours.