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Winter Dresses using Double Knit Jersey

Double Knit Jersey Double Knit Jersey is one of the best fabrics to make a winter dress

Well, for the past few weeks the weather has been cold and wet encouraging most people to stay indoors, all tucked up in the warm. In the winter months I find myself wearing jeans and jumpers a lot to keep myself from being cold however wearing this at work and at home becomes a bit tiresome and sometimes I want to venture out and wear a dress while still staying warm. The best Fabric for a dress to keep you warm in the winter is double knit jersey and I have now got several dresses in this fabric to make me feel a little smarter when I go out at the weekend.

Double knit jersey, also known as ponty roma is a hard wearing fabric that is thicker than most jersey fabrics and therefore ideal for winter weight dresses. Although it is a heavy weight fabric it is not restrictive as it has 3% spandex in its fibre content giving it a stretch for comfort. Double knit jersey is a knitted fabric which means that it will not fray much and it is a fairly easy material to work with when cutting and sewing. As it it is the same of both sides, unlike a single jersey, both sides of the fabric can be used and there is not a right and wrong side as with most fabrics.

As mentioned earlier, I have several dresses made from double knit jersey and my favourite style of dress to make with this fabric is either a skater dress or swing dress as they have a more structured top and then a fuller skirt. Even though double knit jersey is a heavier weight fabric it still drapes well and suits both of these styles well. I like to create these dresses with long sleeves and with a large range of colours to choose from I can make the same style of dress in many different colours.