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Berisfords Ribbon for Christmas

Berisfords Ribbon are a well established, internationally renowned company who have been making beautiful ribbons in the North West of England for over 150 years. With all these years of experience Berisfords have really mastered their collections to perfection. They offer an extensive range with something for every occasion. Obviously, at this time of year the focus is on Christmas. This is by far my favourite time of year and an excellent excuse to stock up on my ribbons. I always choose to work with Berisfords Ribbons because the quality is guaranteed, their designs are classy and sophisticated and frankly, I don't believe there is anything such thing as too much choice with festive ribbons. I just want them all!

Luckily I need lots of Berisfords Ribbons because I have lots of projects on the go. This week I've been finishing off my jewel topped Christmas cakes with some gorgeous traditional red ribbon with a gold edging and gold writing which says Merry Christmas. I might be old fashioned but I love warm traditional colours for Christmas, everything has to be red, green and gold. You cant go wrong with traditional!

Berisfords Ribbon for gift wrapping

Most of my Berisfords Ribbon stash get used up on wrapping presents. My presents have to be the best wrapped under the tree, it's not hard really with all these lovely ribbons. The rustic theme is very fashionable at the moment and it's so easy. I love wrapping my presents in brown paper and then jazzing them up with some gorgeous festive Berisfords Ribbons. I think the grosgrain ribbon is particularly nice for this because it's matt and rustic too. The rustic look is not ideal for the kids though, they want colour, pictures and glitter on their gifts, sure enough Berisfords have excelled themselves when catering for kids too. My particular favourites have slogans on reading "Special delivery from the north pole", "With love from Santa" and "Open me on Christmas Day".  I know my kids will just love these.

Everyone knows that once we hit December all diets are out the window, they're none existent, there's no calories in anything throughout the festive period (not sure who I'm kidding). It's tradition in our house to always make a lovely Christmas cake. I like the jewel topped cakes but my kids as usual get their way and we have festive sponge cake instead. Yet again, I turn to my reliable Berisfords Ribbon stash. I chose a lovely classy ribbon in silver with Merry Christmas written on but again the kids didn't agree so we ended up with ribbon (admittedly equally as nice) with a picture of Santa and his reindeers.