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Choosing Scissors with Calico Laine

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their sewing kit, particularly with Scissors. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer it's just what works for you. That being said, I have put together a few tips to help you make your choice. There are a few things to consider when choosing your equipment: the purpose, the fabric and your budget. As you get more advanced into sewing and crafting, you may find it easier to have different scissors for different things. Having the right pair can make all the difference to your sewing!

Craft/Paper Scissors

These need to be your all rounders and do not need to be anything special. The 21.5cm Kleiber or the Bexfield 5.5 inch hobby are brilliant multi-purpose scissors for crafting. Budget-friendly and long-lasting these are fundamental to your kit. You never want to use your nice fabric shears for cutting paper patterns!

Embroidery Scissors/Snips

These are a key part of any dressmaker or seamstress' kit. A small pair of very sharp, pointy scissors for cutting threads or detail-work, these are dependant on your preferences. Personally, I like to have a pair of cheap and cheerful Metal Snips on hand for cutting threads. At £1.49 these are great value for money as well as being brilliantly sharp and small enough to throw into your basic sewing kit. Janome do a great range of snips with plastic casings that are slightly pricier but are much easier to handle if you need a softer grip.

For more detailed cutting work like cutting lace edging or embroidery, I like a good pair of small sharp scissors. I highly recommend the Prym 10cm Fine Embroidery or the 4.5 Inch Janome Fine Point Embroidery. Both of these are nice and small to get up close with your project, and have a good sharp point to help you work. Our range of decorative Embroidery Scissors are great if you like something a little bit prettier in your kit.

Fabric Scissors

Now this is the big-un and the most difficult to choose. Your choice of fabric scissors depends on which fabrics you work most with and the way you like to cut. Fabric shears as opposed to basic scissors, are designed to have a more comfortable grip with a smaller thumb-hole and larger hand-hole which is better for prolonged use.

Some have a bend at the base of the blade, allowing you to work more easily along the table. The 9 inch Janome Sidebent or the 23cm Prym Tailors Shears are definitely the best if you like a little more stability.

For most general-purpose fabric cutting; Fiskars, Prym and Janome are the best brands to go for. Although they are a little pricer, you get what you pay for. The Fiskars 23cm Razoredge Scissors have a beautifully sharp blade and are a go-to for many makers, particularly with slightly heavier-weight fabrics. The 25cm Prym Tailors Shears also have a great sharp blade with a slight point at the tip of the blade, giving you a nice clean cut.

If you are left-handed, each brand we carry offers a left-handed alternative so nobody is forgotten! We also offer a couple of easier grip scissors if you struggle with arthritis or generally need a little more security. The 24cm Fiskars Razoredge Soft Grip or the 16cm Fiskars Soft Touch Micro Tips are both brilliant easy to use scissors.

If you work mostly with lightweight or slippery fabrics, you may want something with a serrated edge to grip the fabric as you cut. The Mundial 8 Inch Serrated Edge scissors are perfect for those difficult fabrics.


Your budget is for you to decide, here at Calico Laine we offer a full range to suit every pocket. However, when it comes to your fabric scissors in particular I feel these need to be an investment. If you buy a good piece of kit and look after it, it will look after you for years to come.