It's coming up to the time of year where the kids are spending more and more time indoors - we all know it's far too cold to be playing outside no matter how much you might want them to! So, to keep yours and their sanity, we thought a few simple Christmas creations for the kids to create could be the perfect way of keeping them distracted on the winter days!

Amazing Christmas crafts for kids

We have such a wide variety of craft items available in all of our stores, that as a top textiles company in Liverpool we are the perfect people to suggest ideas for Christmas creations! Your children will love all of these designs, so you won't have to worry about keeping them entertained.

These are the perfect crafts for kids!

Felt and pine cone elves

We found the design for these elves and couldn't resist adding them to our blog post! It's such a simple and adorable idea, we had to include them in our list! With all of the hype with elves thanks to Elf on the Shelf in recent years, we thought that making our own elves to put around the house would be a great touch to our decorations!

These are probably the simplest of our Christmas crafts for kids, so they're probably perfect for younger children. We have a great supply of felt that you can use for the elves hats and scarves!

Fabric wreaths are amazing Christmas creations

Fabric wreath

Fabric wreaths are an easy and Christmassy addition to every home, and will look amazing for your family home. There are so many Christmas fabrics that we have available to use for our wreaths, so you'll never feel that you're short of options for your design - and with our wreath rings available you can make a Christmas creation that will last for years!

We're the top textiles company Liverpool has to offer!

Fabric baubles

Our fabric baubles went down a treat at our Christmas Extravaganza, and we know that they'll look amazing on your tree too! This might be fiddly for younger children as it might require some sewing, but the end results is definitely worth it!


With so many options to choose from for Christmas crafts for kids you won't run out of activities over the winter break! To find out more about all of our products you can browse our site to find the perfect items for your Christmas creations.