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Dress Fabrics for Beginners

In recent years, the art of dressmaking has experienced huge resurgence and the demand for handmade, designer look pieces at affordable pieces has soared. Over the last few years we have been riding out the financial storm that has seen wages decrease and the cost of living increase leaving many of us without much spending money at the end of a long month and as a result many people have adopted the "make do and mend" mentality that helped our grandparents through the difficult post-war years. As a result, many people are taking up sewing and dressmaking as a hobby for the first time and many of our new customers are enquiring about what Dress Fabrics are easiest to work with for beginners. Many of our online Dress Fabrics are particularly beginner-friendly:

Cotton - a classic Dress Fabrics cotton can be used for creating a wide range of clothing items for the whole family. An excellent choice for a beginner dressmaker, cotton is perfect for children's designs, summer skirts, dresses and much more. We carry a wide range of cotton Dress Fabrics in plains, florals, spots, stripes and more. The most important piece of wisdom we can impart to novice dressmakers working with cotton for the first time is to always remember to wash your cotton prior to cutting to allow for any shrinkage that may occur.

Cotton Jersey - ideal for summer dressmaking projects, jersey Dress Fabrics is particularly easy to work with and is perfect for creating stylish, close-fitting clothing items such as casual skirts and t-shirts. Ideal to purchase in a fantastic range of colour options, jersey is composed of 100% cotton and one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear against your skin.

light-purple-bi-stretch-fabric-rub Bi-Stretch is an ideal choice of Dress Fabric for beginners.

Bi-Stretch - one of the most cost effective Dress Fabrics in our collection, bi-stretch is the perfect choice for dressmakers who are working with polyester fabric for the first time. Featuring a stunning drape and flow, bi-stretch is ideal for creating medium weight dresses and skirts. Bi-stretch is often the first choice of Dress Fabric for customers working on larger projects within a more restrictive budget.

Fleece - a warm and comfortable Dress Fabric, fleece is the ideal choice for beginners as it will not fray when cut. Our excellent quality, lightweight fleece is perfect for creating clothing items for the cooler months such as hats, jackets and jogging bottoms. All of our fleece fabrics are anti-pill meaning that it can be worn and washed multiple times without succumbing to the tell tale "pilling" that is present on lesser quality fleeces, meaning that any item you create with our beautiful fleece Dress Fabrics can be enjoyed for many years to come.