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Dressmaking & Bridesmaids Dresses

Like many other brides, my sister in law (to be) has just realised with great excitement that she’s getting married this year! Obviously with my Dressmaking background the bridesmaid dresses have fallen to me.  I love dressmaking so I’m honoured she’s asked. It’s a summer wedding with 5 bridesmaids ranging in age from 2 up to 35 years. I initially thought it was going to be hard choosing a style that will suit everyone and a colour that will flow through the age ranges nicely. Luckily the colours, the theme and the dresses had already been pencilled in. My sister in law (to be) has a very clear idea of what she wants. It’s not a theme that I’d have ever envisaged but it’s going to beautiful.

My sister in law (to be) loves all different shades of purples – mauves, lilacs, aubergines and so on. This colour range will lend itself well to 5 very different bridesmaids. I think all think all the different shades ranging from light to dark combined with ivory will look stunning. The photos are going to be beautiful. All 5 bridesmaids have chosen different styles; this will put my Dressmaking skills to the test! The two youngest are having very traditional duchess satin dresses in ivory with a bold aubergine sash. The 15 year old is having a tee length party dress in aubergine. Like a lot of teenagers this bridesmaid is conscious of her curves and wants a fabric that is not shiny and will offer her a more flattering fit. I have been Dressmaking for years; one of my favourite fabrics of all time is the micro fibre. The aubergine is luxurious and rich, the fabric is floaty and wont crease so will be ideal for a full skirt. The 2 older bridesmaids are having simple strapless dresses with a full floating skirt. For this I’ll need the extra wide chiffon. There’s a beautiful lilac which I’ll use for this. A wide fabric is essential for a full long skirt because I don’t want to start putting joins in pattern pieces.

From a Dressmaking perspective, I think this combination of textures will be an exciting project; I can’t wait to get started. All the hard work will be worthwhile on the day. I can’t wait to see all the plans come together with the purple calla lilies and lavender flavoured cup cakes. It’ll certainly be a wedding to remember.