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Dressmaking Fabrics

In recent years dressmaking as a past time has become popular once more. Many of our customers have decided to take it up as a hobby for the first time, as a way of staying in fashion without having to pay some of the extortionate prices you now see around not only the designer shops, but the high street as well! Here at Calico Laine we have compiled a huge variety of Dressmaking Fabrics aimed at making on trend, fashion items including our in demand faux suede fabric. This fabric is available in a wide variety of colour choices and in two different weights, medium and heavy. Our faux suede is an excellent choice for creating garments of clothing that are in fashion, such as jackets, dresses, skirts or lots of stylish accessories like bags.

When it comes to looking for Dressmaking Fabrics, Calico Laine is sure to have something fabulous for you to work with! Whether you come in store or browse online, our huge collection should have something you don't want, but NEED! If you are are like me, even though it is still 'technically' winter, you may already be planning your summer wardrobe. For a bright, fun look on a sunny day, maybe while you're at the park, in a beer garden or even just at your own house why not look at all of our summer prints, such as, polka dot prints in 3mm, 7mm and 22mm, stripes and our beautiful floral patterns. They all come in gorgeous and vibrant colours which will ensure that you feel super in the sun - or if, like now, the weather is taking constant turns for the worst, we also stock a fantastic range of winter Dressmaking Fabrics all made from high quality winter wools to heavy and light weight flannel!

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