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  • Buy Fabrics Online - Summer Holiday Projects

    Summer is round the corner and we are all holding out hope for a repeat of last years beautiful weather. If you are lucky enough to be jet-setting this year, you may want to pack a few handmade pieces for your holiday. We have a huge range of stunning holiday fabrics and, here at Calico Laine, we make it incredibly easy to Buy Fabrics Online. Take advantage of our Sample Service to ensure you pick the perfect fabric to set off that tan. Kaftans and Cover Ups Swimsuit cover ups are an absolute holiday staple, these lightweight brightly coloured garments are an easy… Read More
  • New Fabrics Online at Calico Laine

    Spring is upon us and here at Calico Laine we love to keep you updated with the latest fabrics online. We are constantly updating our stock to bring in fresh colours and designs to suit your every mood and project. Whether you are a crafter or a dressmaker, there is always something new and different to inspire you. Printed Easy Care Fabrics Easy care fabrics are brilliant for Spring and Summer styles. The non-crease and minimal iron properties make these the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our easy care range is a combination of digitally printed satins, crepe… Read More
  • New Fabrics Online at Calico Laine

    With many people struggling to find dressmaking fabrics in their local area we know how important it is for people to buy Fabrics Online. We do our best to bring high quality fabrics to our customers at competitive prices. We have a number of ranges which we stock all year round however we are always adding to this. Occasionally we stock one of rolls of fabric or we add a whole range. This keeps our Fabrics Online interesting for new and old customers. Buy Furnishing Fabric Online for your home Most of the Fabrics Online that we sell are dressmaking fabrics and ca… Read More
  • Best Christmas fabrics you'll find online

    There isn’t anything more exciting to us at Calico Laine than bringing in new fabric, and that excitement is amplified when it gets to this time of year! Our new Christmas fabrics have reached our stores, and we’re loving thinking about all of the amazing creations that will come from them all. Our new winter fabrics The new winter fabrics that we have featured are a mixture of adorable and classy, with the chance to design a perfect gift for someone as well as finding something that can help you to create the perfect Christmas accessory. We know how importan… Read More
  • Buy Fabrics Online - Summer Cotton Fabric

    Buy Fabrics Online for the summer Although we may have been having some horrendous weather this past week and the weather has made us think that it is more winter than summer, according to the forecast, more sunshine is on the way and we are expecting some nice sunny days next week. As well as a few hot summer days in the UK, many of you will be heading abroad for a beach getaway and this means that it is time to Buy Fabrics Online to create your summer wardrobe. Cotton fabric is an ideal fabric to choose for this season as it is natural and known to keep you war… Read More
  • Fabrics for Beginners

    We receive a high volume of enquiries from customers who are new to the hobby of dressmaking and are looking for Fabrics suitable for honing their skills. We carry a wide range of reasonably priced Fabrics suitable for practicing your sewing and dressmaking skills that are easy to handle and sew: Cotton - one of our best selling Fabrics, cotton is suitable for a wide range of projects, particularly clothing items such as dresses, shirts and skirts. Cotton is the perfect choice for the beginner dressmaker and is available to purchase in a wide range of colours, pat… Read More
  • Buy Fabrics Online for World Book Day

    Since the 23rd April 1995, schools and nurseries across the country have been celebrating World Book Day to appreciate authors, books, illustrators and reading. Children and teachers dress up as their favourite storybook character and traditionally take the book that their costume was inspired by into school. World book day takes place today this year so it is a little late to Buy Fabrics Online to make a costume however it is never too early to prepare for next year's celebration! Many of the supermarkets sell costumes for World Book Day and this year I spotted a… Read More
  • New Year at Calico Laine

    As we look forward to the New Year here at Calico Laine and reflect upon the months gone by, the first task for our buying team is to decide which fabrics are likely to be the best selling of 2017. Just as soon as Christmas is over the fashion world will begin to focus on the upcoming spring/summer season and one of the best ways to stay up to date with upcoming trends is by keeping a close eye on fashion weeks. The first fashion weeks of the year will focus on what is known as pre-fall fashion and it is at these shows that designers reveal their smaller collectio… Read More
  • Fleece Fabrics

    As you may know, it's winter! Fleece Fabrics are the PERFECT winter warmer fabric. Fleece is such a versatile fabric and is so easy to work with. It can be made into almost anything, ranging from a mermaid tail blanket to a wrap over cape jacket - I have personally seen both of these made up and they look fabulous. Here at Calico Laine, we have plenty of fleece to choose from, including some brand new patterns and colours, just in time for the chilly weather. We stock a medium weight fleece fabric in over 20 colours, luxury fleece fabric in over 30 colours, printe… Read More
  • Shop at a UK Fabric Shop for making window dressings

    This past week I have just moved into my first flat and there has been so much work to do including creating some window dressing for all of the windows. As it can be very expensive to buy curtains in the high street stores I decided to buy fabric from Calico Laine to create my own. This way I get some unique soft furnishings too! Many of you may not have thought to go to a UK Fabric Shop to make curtains yourself but if you are creative and can do simple sewing, you can easily make your own. Although Calico Laine is not a UK Fabric Shop that sells curtain and up… Read More

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