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Fabrics for Beginners

We receive a high volume of enquiries from customers who are new to the hobby of dressmaking and are looking for Fabrics suitable for honing their skills. We carry a wide range of reasonably priced Fabrics suitable for practicing your sewing and dressmaking skills that are easy to handle and sew:

Cotton - one of our best selling Fabrics, cotton is suitable for a wide range of projects, particularly clothing items such as dresses, shirts and skirts. Cotton is the perfect choice for the beginner dressmaker and is available to purchase in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. Cotton is a natural state Fabric meaning that it can be dyed to any shade you like and best of all it is particularly easy to cut and sew.

Cotton Jersey - with summer creeping up on us, many beginner dressmakers are hunting for a Fabric suitable for their warm weather wardrobe and cotton jersey is perfect. Cotton jersey is a Fabric most popular for casual clothing items including skirts and t-shirts but it can also be used for more fashionable pieces such as camisole tops - perfect for your summer holidays! We stock a wide range of cotton jersey Fabric in a number of plain and marl shades.

Bi-Stretch - a lovely Fabric ideal for those working with a polyester Fabric for the first time. This Fabric is one of the most cost effective in our collection and is available to purchase online and in-store all year round. This medium weight Fabric is popular for its wonderful drape and flow and is available to purchase in a wide range of colour options.