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Haberdashery, Gutermann threads

Do you ever enter a Haberdashery shop and feel completely overwhelmed by the selection of threads on display? You're not alone. These days the variety is extensive and it's very easy to get confused by the sheer volume. Gutermann are the leading manufacturer of sewing threads with a fantastic global reputation and a history spanning over 125 years, so it's safe to say they know their haberdashery!

You may have noticed in any haberdashers that Gutermann threads are a little more expensive than other brands. The reason for this is because this brand develops the most up to day thread making processes using only the finest raw materials to. They gives the buyer the guarantee that their thread has no joints, inconsistencies or imperfections allowing their sewing project to run smoothly.

The most commonly sold Gutermann thread is the Sew-All range. Most frequent sewers will probably have a haberdashery box full of these. They are the best selling line because they are so versatile. They are suitable for all kinds of fabrics and stitches. There is over 400 shades available which are guaranteed to remain the same irrespective of time. These wonderful little reels are also fully washable, suitable for dry cleaning and completely colour fast. It's easy to see how this line revolutionised most haberdashery stashes globally.

Top stitch thread

Another good seller is the Top Stitch thread. This is a particularly handy item of haberdashery because it's very strong. This line is also resistant to abrasions making it ideal for repairs on garments which get a lot of wear and tear, items like shoes, bags and suitcases for example.

Another best seller for most haberdashers is the All-Cotton thread. This line is, as the name suggests is made from 100% natural cotton which makes it a popular choice amongst quilters and patchwork enthusiasts. The cotton thread is a very soft feel and is ideal for using with 100% cotton fabrics. This is also colour fast and fade resistant.

Gutermann do a huge range of threads, we've only covered the 3 best sellers here. They produce embroidery ranges, quilting threads and have a huge selection dedicated to over-locking. Next time your next in your haberdashery shop take the time to explore the full range, it really is fascinating! Happy sewing!