Here at Calico Laine we like to share our creations that we have made using Fabrics and wreath bases that can be purchased online or inside our two stores, based in the North West. We also hold demonstrations for our loyal customers, so we can share all of our ideas with each other, after customers buy the supplies from Calico Laine to take home and start their creations. We have a wide variety of sizes as well as a vast selection of Fabrics the wreaths can be made from. The wire wreaths come in wide range of sizes and shapes, such as stars, circles and crosses. The polystyrene wreaths are 3D and round shaped with a flat back. Wooden woven wreaths are also stocked, which foliage could be added to as well as fabric, the list is endless!
Fabric rag wreaths can really make a statement depending on the fabric and what else you are adding to the completed wreath. Baubles and our buttons can be glued on, along side a huge sparkle ribbon bow. Glitter fabrics can be used for extra effects if you are making it for Christmas, whilst bright Summery colourful fabrics can really make a statement throughout the Summer. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, they can be used for indoor decoration to add personality to your home or workplace.
  • To make the rag wreaths you will start with a wire wreath base, either placed on a table or your lap.
  • Start by cutting long strips of fabric all the same width, start tying them around the wire wreath, bunching them up by the knots to create fullness. Continue this until there are no gaps, then start moving the knots about so the wreath looks textured.
  • Grab a set of pinking sheers and cut the strips to size, fluffing out the fabrics as you go along.
  • Give the finished creation a good shake to add more depth, now is the time where you either add a thin ribbon or string to the wreath to allow the wreath to be hung.
  • The wreath can be left in this state or you can add bits and bobs, such as our bright feathers and pom pom's which using pom pom makers and wool.
Making wreaths is one of my favourite hobbies, as every one of them is different and can be customised for my home interior or exterior. Let us know if you have ever made a rag wreath and what fabrics are your favourite to work with from Calico Laine.