At Calico Laine we get regular deliveries of brand new fabrics from different warehouse suppliers and once these arrive with us our web team have a step to step process of putting these products onto our website. Firstly the stock needs to be checked and counted by the manager to make sure all the new products are accounted for. Once this has been completed the new fabrics and paperwork are handed over to the web team to start their task. The web team start by photographing each fabric in our signature swirl design which you have more than likely all seen on our website and social media pages. These images are then uploaded onto the computer ready to be cropped, edited and altered if necessary ready to be put online.

At Calico Laine it is the web teams priority to make sure any new products are completed and online the day they arrive allowing customers to purchase new goods straight away. Once all the pictures are edited each product is then created on our admin system with pictures and descriptions added so customers browsing on our website can see and know all about the fabrics they are wanting to purchase. Within each fabric product we have to make sure there are certain factors including an image, short description, composition and price so it is very easy for customers to have a knowledge of each fabric.

[caption id="attachment_11644" align="alignleft" width="300"]New Dance Fabric New Dance Fabric[/caption]

All brand new fabrics and other items including haberdashery and crafts are then also added to our new arrivals category so they can be seen straight away. The new arrivals section on our website is updated every time a new fabric or product arrives at Calico Laine so customers can keep a look out for any new goodies we have. All new fabrics are also added onto our social media pages by our web team including Facebook, twitter and instagram so customers viewing these sites can be aware of all our new products.

Today we had a delivery of all brand new dance fabrics at our Calico Laine neston store. The web team completed this process straight away and these are now all online in their own section and our new arrivals section and will also be added to our social media pages throughout the day. If you are wanting brand new fabrics or any other items keep a look out in our new arrivals section for all the latest products we have to offer.