Satin Fabric has been one of the most appreciated materials in fashion and dressmaking for many years, even centuries. Satin Fabrics originate from China and first rose to prominence over 2000 years ago, deriving its name from the Chinese town of Zayton from where this fabric was first exported to the west during the middle ages. At this time, Satin Fabrics were woven from large quantities from the finest cotton and silk making this luxurious fabric accessible to only the very wealthiest echelons of society such as royalty. With the invention of new manufacturing techniques and in particular, The Industrial Revolution satin is now produced in a number of ways using more cost effective, high speed techniques and as a result the cost of the fabric to the consumer has decreased enormously resulting in a sumptuous quality dressmaking fabric available to everybody regardless of wealth or status.

[caption id="attachment_4084" align="alignleft" width="194"]marilyn Marilyn Monroe brought Satin Fabrics to the forefront of modern fashion when she wore this beautiful strapless design in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.[/caption]

Satin Fabric is most often associated with bridal gowns and satin has been widely used for manufacturing bridal wear from as far back as the 1800s. Queen Victoria is widely credited with bringing this fabric to the forefront of bridal fashion as one of the first public figures to choose what we now recognise as a traditional white bridal gown. Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobourg in 1840 in a lavish ceremony wearing an intricate white dress stitched with the finest white Satin Fabric; fashionable ladies of the 19th century were keen to emulate their monarch's style and so began the meteoric rise of Satin. During Queen Victoria's reign, Satin Fabric was just beginning to appear in mainstream fashion in the form of lingerie with many Parisian ladies in particular choosing it for their luxurious bespoke undergarments. Satin Fabric has remained popular for creating lingerie and was particularly prominent during the early 1980s when superstars such as Madonna made a fashion statement by wearing their corsets as outwear. During her infamous Blonde Ambition tour in the early nineties, Madonna wore her famous pink corset - designed by John Paul Gaultier the iconic piece has since sold at auction for a whopping £30,00 and Satin Fabrics remain as popular as ever for creating bespoke lingerie and corsets.

Satin Fabric experienced a huge surge in popularity as a dressmaking fabric with the invention of acetate and polyester during the 1920s and 30s. Satin Fabric was now more readily available and was becoming more recognisable as the mainstream fabric we work with today. During this period most Satin Fabrics were composed of a 100% silk satin which was of course out of the price range for most ladies however, manufacturers began to experiment with blends of rayon and silk and duchess satin was born. Duchess satin is still one of the most sought after fabrics on the market for bridal wear, prom dresses and evening gowns and is worn by everyone from high school girls on prom night to Hollywood stars. Arguably on e of the most iconic satin dresses of all times is the shocking pink gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Exclusively designed for Marilyn by costume designer William Travilla, the strapless, floor length designs featured a huge now embellishment and was paired with long satin gloves. The classic design is still one of the most widely replicated pieces and was auctioned on 11th June 2010, selling for between $150,000 and $250,000 the gown has since been described as "the most important film costume to ever come to auction".

[caption id="attachment_4085" align="alignleft" width="300"]satin Duchess satin is our best selling Satin Fabric and is suitable for a number of special occasion pieces.[/caption]

Our selection of Satin Fabrics are one of our best selling year after year - more cost effective than pure silk Satin Fabric still retinas the high-end glamorous properties of more expensive fabrics and is ideal for creating a stunning piece for the most special occasions. Our selection of Satin Fabrics includes the luxurious duchess satin ideal for evening dresses and bridal gowns; this elegant quality fabric features a higher thread count than many other Satin Fabrics resulting in a luxurious quality material with a firm but soft to handle surface and a stunning body and weight. Duchess satin is available in a variety of weights including our recently added medium weight duchess - lighter in weight than our regular duchess satins, this fabric is easier to manipulate but still maintains its wonderful body and structure and is the perfect choice for creating structured dresses, skirts and jackets.

Our selection of satin back crepe and satin back dupion are ideal for creating prom gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Our stunning silky Satin Fabrics are lighter in weight than many of our other Satin Fabrics and feature a stunning liquid like lustre and show-stopping drape making this the perfect choice for elegant clothing items particularly during the warmer months of spring and summer.

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