Its the beginning of the year and those of you getting married this summer already have their dresses sorted and ticked off. If you are a bit of a last minute person like myself you wont have much planned. Now is the time to start thinking about the perfect Wedding Fabrics for your big day. You need Bridal Fabric for your gown, bridesmaid dresses and men's accessories. You may even want the interior and decoration to match this fabric too. For summer weddings you  need to go for more cooler Bridal Fabrics such as lace and chiffon's. This way you will feel more comfortable and not too hot so you will enjoy your special day more. Lace, chiffon and satin are usually our most popular Wedding Fabrics for the hotter months as they are lighter than other materials and come in beautiful summery shades. These Fabrics can also be overlaid on each other to create a more layered/structured look.

Lace Fabric

Lace Bridal Fabric is one of our best sellers for summer weddings. Year after year it is always a popular choice for warmer summer weddings due to its appearance and weight. You can match lace up with other fabrics like satin to create a stunning overlay. Lace is a very feminine Wedding Fabric with an exceptional edging to create beautiful hemlines.

Chiffon Wedding Fabrics

Chiffon Bridal Fabrics are available in a beautiful range of colours and designs. They are all lightweight and delicate making them perfect for overlaying other Wedding Fabrics. Adding layers of chiffon to your gown will create a more structured and feminine look. Chiffon is ideal for hot summer months as it will keep you cool and comfortable on your big day. Our chiffon's are available in cationic, extra wide or crepe styles.

Satin Fabric

Satin Bridal Fabrics are perfect for your first layer of material on your gown. Due to it being a slighter heavier fabric than the others it will create a glamorous structured look. Satin is a classic Wedding Fabric that is popular all year round not just in the summer. If it is for the summer there is some beautiful pastel shades to choose from for your theme. Take a look at all our stunning Wedding Fabrics to choose your perfect one for your summer wedding this year. [caption id="attachment_4486" align="alignleft" width="300"]Apricot Heavy Corded Lace Wedding Fabrics Apricot Heavy Corded Lace Fabric[/caption]