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  • Dancewear Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Dancewear fabrics have been a part of Calico Laine for many years. We offer everything from stunning lycras to sequinned numbers for the back row. We have everything you need to create professional finished dance costumes for any level. Lycra Lycra Fabric is the best go-to fabric for any kind of sport or dance wear. The 4-way stretch in lycra means it stretches in all directions and allows your costumes to become like a second skin. This makes it easy to move in and comfortable to wear. Lycra is a great leotard and legging fabric, meaning you have a lovely base g… Read More
  • Wedding Fabrics for the summer

    Its the beginning of the year and those of you getting married this summer already have their dresses sorted and ticked off. If you are a bit of a last minute person like myself you wont have much planned. Now is the time to start thinking about the perfect Wedding Fabrics for your big day. You need Bridal Fabric for your gown, bridesmaid dresses and men's accessories. You may even want the interior and decoration to match this fabric too. For summer weddings you  need to go for more cooler Bridal Fabrics such as lace and chiffon's. This way you will feel more co… Read More
  • Bridal Fabrics - What style will you pick

    Weddings & Bridal Fabrics are big business now a days and people can spend an absolute fortune getting their ideal look. Although traditional styles are still very popular there are more and more people wanting a unique theme for their big day. A massive part of any wedding is of cause the brides dress and the bridesmaids. Choosing the right bridal fabric doesn't have to be a worry, its much simpler than you might think. Chiffon Bridal Fabrics Traditional bridal fabrics are satin and silks but now a days people use a multitude of fabrics. A common choice is th… Read More
  • Cationic Chiffon for Summer

    Lightweight Fabrics are perfect for the summer months due to their lighter feel on the skin and the coolness they provide when made up into garments. The most popular lightweight fabric we stock has to be chiffon as everyone knows it as the most lightest and sheer material available. We have a variety of different chiffons including extra wide chiffon, crepe chiffon, economy chiffon and many more various styles. One of our most popular chiffon fabrics is our Cationic Chiffon range due to the colour selection and the silk like feel it has. Rose Cationic Chiffon Fa… Read More
  • Layering with Cationic Chiffon

    Chiffon fabric is a popular fabric to use for evening wear and bridal wear and over the past 5 years or so, Cationic Chiffon has definitely stood out as one of our best sellers in the chiffon range. It is a stylish fabric that imitates real silk at a fraction of the cost and this is probably why it is so popular with our customers. Cationic Chiffon is a very feminine fabric with its natural drape and sheer qualities. It is the perfect fabric to use for layering whether that be to create an overlay over a heavier fabric or just to layer on its own to create a gra… Read More
  • Chiffon Dress Fabric for lightweight summer clothes

    If you have booked a holiday for the summer and haven't been away for it yet, you may still have time to make yourself a new outfit to take away with you. Most of us will go out in the evening for a restaurant meal at least once on holiday so it is always nice to have a new outfit for the occasion to make you feel extra special. Chiffon Dress Fabric is a beautiful fabric to use for this. It is lightweight so would be cool if you are in a hot climate but also has a feel of elegance and glamour which will make you feel like you have dressed up for an occasion. Chiff… Read More
  • Cationic Chiffon Fabric available at Calico Laine

    Cationic Chiffon Fabric is a luxurious fabric, widely recognised by its beautiful appearance and soft to the touch finish. Composed in such a way as to mimic the look and qualities of real silk, Cationic Chiffon Fabric is perfect for those who wish to achieve an elegant, high-end appearance at a reasonable cost. Here at Calico Laine we have a wide range of cationic chiffons. Chiffon fabric has a unique style - it is soft, translucent and light. Chiffon can be used for many different purposes. The fabric itself can be made from many styles of materi… Read More
  • Chiffon Dress Fabric

    Chiffon Dress Fabric is a very popular material for creating a range of different garments especially at this time of year. Due to the temperatures and the light weight of the Chiffon Fabric it is the perfect choice for summer clothing items and overlaying over materials giving garments such as skirts and dresses a more flowing drape. Here at calico laine we sell a variety of different Chiffon materials including cationic chiffon, extra wide chiffon, crepe chiffon and printed chiffon that are all excellent quality and can be made up into stunning fashionable piece… Read More
  • Bridal Fabrics for the Beach

    It is becoming more and more popular to get away and have your big day on an exotic beach somewhere with all your family and friends there to watch. When choosing a location to have your wedding you have to think about all aspects as the change in climate can affect the theme you want. Its difficult to shop for a bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses in this country when you are having your day overseas as a lot of bridal shops within the UK tend to cater for the english weather which means the dresses are very layered which may not be the most suitable design for ho… Read More
  • Bridal Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Our Bridal Fabrics range includes a variety of beautiful traditional bridal coloured material perfect for gowns, accessories and table decorations on your big day. Bridal Fabrics we have both in store and online include satins, chiffons, laces and many more stunning materials in a wide range of shades that are perfect for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses that will compliment each other perfectly. Soft Pink Duchess Satin Fabric Satin Fabrics are perfect for any style of dress as they are great quality dressmaking weight materials that are easy to sew with and c… Read More

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