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Why Buy Fabric Online with Calico Laine?

Here at Calico Laine we appreciate the needs of our customers are constantly evolving and we do so with you. Over the past 10 years we have seen a huge growth in the amount of customers buying their Fabric Online.

The trend is certainly here to stay and we encourage you to make the most of the benefits that can come from buying fabric online.

Here we will outline some of the perks you can find from purchasing your haberdashery and fabric supplies online with us:


Online sales are a great way to bag a bargain at any time of the year! Subscribing to our newsletter means that you will be the first notified of any sales or special offers. All the latest information sent directly to your inbox so you never miss a sale. Following our social media via Facebook and Instagram is another great way to make sure you never miss out. Our website has its very own sale page that is constantly being updated so you can grab fantastic fabric online for a great price all year round.


A great way to save on fabric online is to buy mixed bundles. This is a great option if you’re able to work with a multitude of different fabrics and aren’t fussy about the pattern/colours you get. The surprise nature of the bundles means that you save a decent amount of cash on the fabrics you receive.  If you’re a fan of a good old fashioned lucky dip or just love a good surprise then our mixed fabric bundles are a great buy for you.


This method can be a bit tricky. You can save money by buying fabric online in bulk but it does depend entirely on which fabric you are buying and isn’t a guaranteed way to save. Buying bulk reels of ribbon and other trims can also save you money rather than buying a couple of metres at a time. This tends to benefit those who have large repetitive projects to complete such as wedding invitations or custom crafts to sell.

Free Delivery when buying fabric online

Some sites will offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount. This can be a great way to save money, especially if you’re buying heavy fabric online. Here at Calico Laine we offer excellent value standard shipping on smaller orders. If you’re placing a larger order be sure to take advantage of our free shipping when you spend £40 or more.