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Cheap Fabrics at Calico Laine

As we draw closer to Christmas, we're hitting the season where events such as school plays and carol services come into play. For parents and grandparents, that usually means stepping in and lending a helping hand to make your child or grandchild a costume for their big part. For an outfit that will be worn maybe only once, most parents are after fabrics that are both easy to sew and won't blow the bank. Here at Calico Laine, where a large portion of our customers find us through the world wide web, we have a huge variety of Cheap Fabrics Online, ranging from cottons and polycottons to satins and polyesters.

The most common type of school play during this time of year is the traditional Nativity. In this performance there are many kinds of roles for children, including shepherds and wise men, angels and inn keepers as well as Mary and Joseph themselves. For the more "regal" roles, we offer a great selection of satins including our economy satin, which is one of our most popular Cheap Fabrics priced at just £2.99 a metre. This fabric is available in a wide selection of colours, including white and ivory that would be a good choice for heralding angels.

For characters who may not have been able to afford such fancy fabrics for their garments, such as shepherds and the inn keeper, we offer a fantastic range of cottons and polycottons in all kinds of plain colours and patterns. These Cheap Fabrics are available at various prices from £2.99 a metre to £5.99 a metre depending on what kind you are buying. Some of the most often chosen patterns for these roles are our striped cottons for robes and a plain neutral shade such as white or ivory for a headscarf.

Do you have any cheap favourites of your own in our range that you can recommend to other customers searching for the perfect fabric? Send us a message or leave a comment on our Facebook page - we love to hear back from our customers!